The Many Ways I Styled an Antique Dough Bowl

March 8, 2022

I think a beautiful dough bowl is the perfect decor vessel. I have a giant dough bowl that sits on my western rustic sofa table. It’s versatile for everyday decor and perfect for seasonal decorating. I have discovered some great options that are not only easy but can be used again and again. 

Today I’m sharing a few ways that I have styled my “small canoe” as it has often been referred to. It measures in at a 46″ long, so it has a bit of a presence about it. A favorite statement piece for sure.

During the past winter months and at Christmas I have styled it with some very large pinecones.

Maybe this year I will venture out of my comfort zone and fill it with tons of red ornaments of all different shapes and sizes.

Some Other Dough Bowl Inspiration

I recently stacked a bunch of books of mostly all one color and paying close attention to the color of the titles.

With no bookcase to stack my books, no problem! I simply used my dough bowl for added interest, simple & clean. And who says that dried flowers aren’t pretty? I kind of think that these dried pink roses laying on top of my books looks a little rustic and refound. Perfect for me.

With an added small found deer antler for more interest and texture.

How about styled for spring?

Simple, 5-minute styling using all white candles and some greenery. Some faux eucalyptus branches and a few live (unknown) stems. Using what I had on hand.

Using more faux branches, these pink blooms look pretty flanking a row of white candles.

This is such a fresh and bright way to welcome spring, and it can look beautiful for weeks on end.

Another View

On a bench at the end of a bed holding extra pillows… all soft and pretty.

Since I have a couple of smaller size dough bowls, here’s how I styled a smaller version.

Using sheet moss that I purchased from a local craft store, I crumpled up newsprint and added the moss in sections on top of the paper.

Simple home decor using a dough bowl for a centerpiece.

With so much potential, with dough bowls it’s almost the skies the limit. They are just waiting to be decorated.

Here are a few more ideas of things to decorate a dough bowl with:

  • faux branches
  • ivy
  • seashells
  • antlers
  • dried hydrangea
  • faux apples
  • mercury glass ornaments
  • rolled up sheet music
  • dried lavender
  • faux flowering branches

I’m sure there are other ways to style a dough bowl, but don’t be afraid, fill it up!

Dough bowls also look chic empty or leaning on end, up against the wall.

Now do you see why I love this thing. I hope that I have given you some ideas and inspiration on how to style a dough bowl. Feel free to drop me a note with any other ideas. I’m always up for a new task.

Happy Tuesday!

Thanks again for stopping by Rustic and Refound.

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