Whimsical Halloween Decor

October 19, 2021

While I don’t decorate a ton for Halloween, I do enjoy styling a few vignettes here and there.

I like whimsical decor at times and that’s what brings me to style fun vignettes for the Halloween season. It’s always been a favorite of mine because it’s super fun!

Whimsical Halloween decor brings in paper bats on the mirror and wall, (the only kind I like!), black crows, a black cat, skulls, bony hands, and candles glowing throughout the house. Maybe a tad more of those ‘spooky’ Halloween touches that we might remember from when we were younger.

Spooky Foliage & Lots of Candles

Spooky frosty foliage that is a little on the enchanted side is perfect for any Halloween look.

The vine wreath is foraged from my yard. Naturally decayed. I have gathered plant vines, arranged them into a wreath. I’m always inspired by even the not so pretty greenery as it dries and makes it’s way for another season. As the leaves dried they gave way to an almost frosted color that I accented, for a ‘spooky,’ look with a little black spray paint.

I tied on a black ribbon for the rustic luxe.

Tape a few bats here and there- on a mirror, on the wall… to add another Halloween touch.

Add a Touch of Spooky

Think branches – maybe spray painted black, black crows, and little glowing candles. Don’t forget the candles- for a bit of fun!

I added the creepy…

I added creepy skulls, bony hands, and black crows.

Layer on the Halloween look…

Have some skeletal fun by adding “Mr. Bones” to a wreath for a door.

No bones about it…the skulls have it!

This guy is served and lit up at the dining table.

Add in the bony hands.

Add a framed and silhouetted copy of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.

Witchy Decor

My inspiration for this look was witches! A Witche’s hat, her broom, and those shoes with her favorite socks. Oh, I must not forget her black cat – “Kitty.”

Bring out the Halloween items to get all the spooky vibes.

Add a ghoulish saying to a chalkboard and tuck it into the vignette.

This frame is a dollar store item that I painted the glass with chalkboard paint to create the chalkboard.

Once again, layer different items that can add to the aged spooky factor, a beaker puffing smoke (a vase – a Ross find that was literally $1.00) with stuffing tucked inside, add some Spanish Moss around the bottom of your candles, and an old amber bottle covered with a sticker holding a black burned-down candle for a used look.

This is just to name a few added elements to give it more of that authentic spooky look.

I’ve had way too much fun styling this vignette for Halloween … I love the moody, dark, spooky Halloween vibes I get from this corner! 

Thanks for stopping. I hope I’ve inspired you in some Halloween fashion.

Happy Haunting!

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