Lilac Season to Branding Season

June 21, 2018

Just a month ago the lilacs were blooming and my corriente cows were calving.

If the blooming of lilacs and branding calves were a season,

I’m pretty sure they would be one of my favorite!

With that said…

I love the Spring and Summer seasons.


Lilac bush


Did you know that lilacs are just small florets,

or tiny flowers that make up the larger lilac flower head?

This particular variety shown is a double lilac.

This lilac has a heavy intoxicating scent with

variegated lavenders and varying shades of purple.


The love of lilacs was passed down from my grandmother to my sweet momma,

 both grew beautiful flowers and lots of lilac bushes.

My mother had a small grove of lilac bushes.

When I moved and got my own home, I dug up a small root from her lilac bush and planted it.

Now after about 20 years, from that small clipping, I have my own lilac bush.


Basket of lilacs1


I have several types planted in my yard. Including white.

Every Spring the lilacs bloom and fill the yard with their delicate scent.

Just cutting a few of these beauties…


lilacs and chair1


and… so, snapping a few photos was in order.


lilacs 2018


If the scent from the lilacs wasn’t enough,

the flowering plum trees had begun to drop their flower petals.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1879


The sight and scent from both was amazing.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1877


By the way… this chair is getting a face lift;)

In other words a much needed paint job.


lilacs in chair


I took a few more pictures of these blooming beauties with THAT chair.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1878


A simple bucket of blooms:)

lilacs on chair background



Lilacs in the sink getting a drink:)


Moore 2018 Pictures 1893


From lilacs to branding time/season.


lilacs in crystal vase2


Remember I talked about branding season?

From gardening to raising corriente cows.

Just sharing my hobbies.

Just a few pics of calves who will get a brand this season.

These little guys are so fun to watch.


Moore 2018 calves


They love stretching their legs for a good run.

#Ropingcattle #Corriente 

Their built for speed.


red bull calf 2018


This little guy has a ‘milk nose.’

Black calf 2018


Mammas And Their Babies.


Cows and calves 2018


To me, there’s nothing like a mother’s love or touch.



Cow n calf 2018

Sharing some random thoughts and profound living from Rustic and Refound.

Have a Blessed Day!


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