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Friday, February 14, 2020


Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the Heart!

P roses close up

Valentine’s Day is all about flowers,

 heart shaped boxes with chocolates, and

frilly cards filled with words of love.


heart cup

Why am I sharing this?

My great admiration for flowers (obsession maybe)

began on Valentine’s Day many years ago when my husband

sent me red, red roses on this special day.


I thought I would share

 some flower arrangements in unique/vintage containers

that I had on hand at the time.

The containers I use are not expensive.

Turning grocery store flowers into little arrangements.

The key to simple but beautiful arrangements

can be a unique vessel.


Galvanized Buckets

bucket of blooms

bucket of blooms2

Galvanized buckets make a great statement for pink blooms.


Ceramic Vase

ceramic vase2

roses in ceramic vase1

Fresh cut pink blooms in this unique vessel definitely

makes a charming presentation.

Wooden toolbox

p roses in tool box

A rustic wooden toolbox is a fun way to display roses.

A little jar of water and a bunch of pink roses.


A Handmade Cedar Box

Did I say pink?;)

roses in wooden box

One of my favorites and literally so simple…

Jars filled with single blooms placed in the wooden box make a statement

as they march down the center of your table.



And crocks filled with bunches of pink roses…

definitely one of my favorites.

roses in lg crock

roses in crock1


Rusty Cans

Rusty cans with tons of patina and character

are fun and definitely inexpensive!

roses welding can 1

Pale pink


Faux Wood Bark Container

IMG_1270 (1)

There are so many options for flower arrangements that you can use.

Finding these containers can be like a treasure hunt.

Let your imagination and things you have on hand

inspire you to make your own flower arrangements.

Think outside the box!

Leave folks talking about your creativity.

Just do what inspires your soul.




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