Happy Spring…


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Monday, May 23, 2016

I love Spring time when the lilacs are in season. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. I picked these fragrant blooms from my lilac bush in my yard. They smell awesome…and look beautiful in this old wooden box that I made to use as a center piece. I like to create, so I made me a simple wooden crate/centerpiece/planter/#whoknowswhatyouwouldcallitbutIloveit!

On a recent junkin’ trip to Boise, Idaho with a couple great girl friends I came across a antiques vendor selling garden beauties, antique wash tubs, and my cute aluminum cow tags. Well, me lovin’ cows as much as I do, I just had to have one of the vintage ear tags. For some reason the numbers had to mean something to me…so I picked numbers of 67 for the year that my sweet hubby was born. Interesting enough these tags are from the 1950s. A little different from the modern plastic cow ear tags we use today.


I tied the vintage collectable to the rustic wooden box for a conversation piece to include in my dining table decor.

For years, the ability to manage your cattle was limited to branding and lot grazing. Cattle traceability has become a more common practice in the cattle industry through the use of ear tags. Animal identification is the basis for keeping accurate records of the individual animal’s parentage, birth date, production records, health history, and a host of other important management information. Just a little cow ear tag history from me.

Happy Monday everyone!!

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