It’s Not A Good Day Unless It’s A Creative One

May 26, 2022

A salvaged wood and botanical art. Added a touch of spring with un-bloomed lilacs in a little found brown bottle.

This is how I do home. Some days it’s the little things that you see that inspire you.

“It’s impossible to explain creativity. It’s like asking a bird, ‘How do you fly? You just do.”

Eric Jerome Dickey

Created from salvaged wood scrap and a desert relic. repurposed art if you will.

When creating I let the piece tell me what it wants to become and where it should rest in my home.

I love the unexpected, where a bit of reclaimed old wood with its rugged charm adds to a vintage bottle. The bottle added all the rightness to a scrap gray piece of wood. I continued with the rustic nature by using rusting wire and screws attached to the wood.

I don’t know if I found it, or it found me.

I let my imagination carry me away. Just a little piece of wood and glass that adds a piece of serenity.

Yep, it is flawed. With rugged edges, a silvered patina, rusted nails, and a knot or two, but she has heart!

I hope you can see the heart.

I have really had a good time with this one! I obviously enjoy the old and tattered that adds to the possibility of life’s romance.

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