A Snippet – A Wreath Centerpiece

Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Wreath On the Table – An Everyday Centerpiece Candle Ring

My love for real flowers is always #1.

But I’m also practical, and there are many reasons why and when faux flowers are the way to go…making them a close second! Wreaths aren’t just for hanging on doors. You can use a wreath to create pretty and festive table centerpieces year-round. With a basic wreath – add some candles and you have created a centerpiece for your table that includes a touch of whimsy and added ambiance.

You can add your wreath to a cake stand or other raised plate. Top it with a pillar candle and add some votives or tea lights of varying heights.

When my table-top got bare it was a super lush wreath to the rescue!

Quick and easy home decor.

Just keeping it simple.

With this yellow faux forsythia wreath, I’ve added texture and color.

Whether you use flowers or greens, I feel that it’s key to represent what are in season, like this yellow faux forsythia wreath.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little quick and easy table-top decor, and I have helped you spark creativity when thinking about your everyday table.

I always enjoy sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every day it means the world to me!

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