Just Some Random Thoughts and Things!

March 13, 2018


“A gracious woman attains honor…”



“Ladies, your strength lies not in being equal with the men – but in being unique. Feminine but strong. Smart, but discreet. Gracious, gentle, classy. Take care of your skin. Ride hard and speak soft, and never be ashamed of your femininity. God created you perfectly.”

                                                                                                 ~author unknown

Loved these words. Thought they celebrated women everywhere!


Dedicating this post to this black horse, “Blackie.”


black horse.

A day of randomness…

Not saying a lot.

Reflection and inspiration.

 In need of courage.

This message is something I felt that I needed to share.

I was given this message from a beautiful former student as a gift of kindness.

She had remarked that this was how she saw me.




This has become such an inspiration to me, that I have kept it with a book of Scriptures I read regularly and think of her kind nature.

We can never run out of kindness.

It’s an easy gift and one that changes all!


Sharing some Rustic and Refound, A Different Container for Flowers,


Sight Lines.

You might know that I have a slight obsession with flowers.

It may not be much of a surprise.

But when you get tulips for Valentines Day and you have no container that fits the bill… you start looking for the unexpected.

Tulips are long stemmed making it difficult to find the perfect fit.

Here’s to teapots with broken lids.

Teapot + Water = Tulips:)


A Different Container for Flowers


tulips in teapot


Then you begin to play.

“More is more and less is a bore!”     

                       Iris Apfel

And the play just keeps going.:)

And, I’ll add…

My coffee in one of my favorite blue and white cups.

Because who doesn’t love blue and white dishes with pink???





Rustic and Refound

I love old books!

They make the best display stands!

They are my rustic and refound!


Tulips and cup3


Old books look good anywhere you put them.

They are kind-of-like an old friend.

Good anywhere they are found.

I like to collect old books.

Books with great color, and great titles.

Even tattered and torn!


roses on a book2


More Rustic and Refound

Trash to treasure.



While out riding in the hills sometime ago, checking my cows,

I found this piece of rusted out metal. My first guess that it was an old rusted out enameled pot.


Still not sure of it’s former life, but saw this piece as a frame for a mirror.

This is one of my rusty, crusty, treasures a true Rustic and Refound.

Sight Lines

Just what you want to see when you come through the door.

More flowers;)

Flowers are so inviting!


D-Room with a view


My sight lines are small.

Things that draw you in!

An unexpected flower container.

Icecream Bucket


Not a design principal, but a display.

Imagery says it all.




Happy Tuesday y’all!

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