Something Metal

February 19, 2023

What feeling do you want to evoke in your home? Choosing the right pieces, will help you to create your specific feel in your home.

Remember when your teacher told you to “Keep your eyes on your own paper”? Well, maybe that is one of the secrets to making the right decisions for your home. Be inspired by others and how they decorate their homes. Others who you feel are decorating their homes right and that you resonate with most. That is where it stops though. Be inspired by their big picture, but hone in on how you want your home to feel, your voice and story. Tell your own story!

Do you get caught up in what’s trendy? Do you experience the “sugar rush” of imagery we all experience today? If you like trends that’s okay as long as it tells your story.

I decided to go with what I love and feel drawn to regardless of anything else. I want my home to tell my story. I don’t feel that a large budget has anything to do with the feel that you want in your home. A timeless and classic feel can be achieved by making the right decisions for you. Whether you shop department store, yard sales, or thrift.

Adding Metal

My style often includes adding a touch of metal.

Since this is my “Love you February,” I love using metal to warm up my home and maybe begin to think about those winter whites. Where a blanket of white snow outside covers the ground in a crisp white color that can sparkle on a rare sunny day, I’ve added white candles to my silver candle holders.

Winter whites + vintage silver candle holders = A feeling of home. Just loving the candles on the kitchen windowsill.

Do you have any favorite metal pieces that you can add to warm up a room, corner or moment?

A dark brown tray stands out against the white subway tile with a shiny silver teapot both adding a bit of warmth to this space.

A mixing of metals… rusty patinaed candle holders and a silver platter.

For me, a sweet and petite silver creamer with tarnished patina still adds a bit of warmth to this vignette.

Copper Love – Cu Around the House

In the middle of February, with these frigid temps, all I want to do is stay warm and cozy. For me, that starts with my home.
There are a few ways that I like to create a warm comfy haven. I like to add rich copper accents.

Copper is one of those metals that can lend wonderful warmth to a country home. Whether highly burnished like a freshly minted penny, or naturally oxidized to a deep caramel patina, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a few well-chosen pieces.

Shiny and bright, or mellowed with time, there is most certainly a place for a little copper in a country house.

The dull tone of my copper container, as well as its simple shape place it into what I have discovered to be the simple side of the timeless feeling.

This vignette was literally created by accident one evening as I was preparing dinner. Here I have my copper colander to wash and hold a batch of veggies. I just plopped in a bouquet of flowers. Viola!

Copper in my kitchen. It is a classic, real, and timeless finish that I truly love. 

I strive to make my home feel real and timeless. Whether it’s the color, patterns, woods, or metals, I like to keep the elements consistent because it best tells my story. There are different design elements that will best communicate the feeling you want to achieve in your home. Copper and white subway tile are two elements that keep my home classic and timeless. The feeling we create in our home is how we tell our story. Those feelings are determined a lot by you and your personality.

I like to say… remove the junk and make it real. I’m learning to appreciate the simple things in our lives and finding joy in the everyday and making it a little special. Nowhere is this mindset more important than in our homes.

Having a specific focus was and still is the number one strategy that I use to decorate my home. Focus not only makes me confident in my decisions, but at the end of the day it makes me happy with my home. I’m keeping my style personal, more unique, and more one-of-kind. Now, you might not like my home decor decisions and that’s okay. Remember I spoke about individualism.

I really find joy in putting my finds to use. What have you “found” that you now use?

Connecting the dots between who you are and the feeling you want to create in your home will have you finally making the right decisions for both you and your home.

A great deal of what I am sharing I have learned from taking a course @House 214 Design.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope that I have inspired you to incorporate some metals into your home.


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