Rustic Candle Holders

Some DIY Candle Holders

June 19, 2020

I’m a DIYer. Can’t say I love crafting too much, but when it comes to some things like candle holders…I like to make my own. I’m so inspired by beautiful candles all aglow. I love beautiful candle holders of most kinds. I like them chunky, beautifully tapered, metal, wood, glass and rustic is pretty cool too. Those with pretty patterns & details are just fine as well. Candle holders with candles are so perfect for lighting steps outdoors,  for a little ambiance on your patio table and even for displaying with indoor vignettes.

I like rustic home décor!

Bed Spring candle holder

Warm and inviting… I kind of have a thing for candle holders.

And those candles….can we talk about those for a second? 

That beautiful warm glow cast from those flickering candles

welcomes you to sit down and enjoy the view.

Some Of My Projects

Bedsprings filled with Mercury Glass Votives all aglow.
Reclaimed Wood & It’s all in the details.

Just A Board With Charcter

Using rustic fencing wood, I made a chunky tea light holder.

Cleaning up the wood with soap, soft brush & water.

I marked the placement for the tealights & I drilled the holes.

Sure to spark a conversation with your guests.

A great focal point for your home!

Rustic Plank Tea Holder
Lodge Pole Candle Holders
Wooden Candle Stands

Can you picture this to display your favorite scented candle?

Jar or pillar candle?

With this candle stand, either would be a nice addition to any country home.

Do you have a question regarding any of my DIY projects? Let me know.

Happy Friday!

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