Taking the Road Less Traveled

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Welcome to summer travels!

Moore Adventure

Since vacations out of state are limited we did take the fourth of July weekend to spend it visiting sights in our own state and area.

We took a road trip for a bit of adventure into the Jarbidge Mountains.

This trip was way overdue!

We have been isolated and cooped up for far too long!

This trip has become an annual adventure. So this year we added a tent, bedroll and some camping equipment.

Quite frankly I was ready to go!

With huge and majestic views the wilderness was relaxing and awe-inspiring!

Everywhere you looked your sights were full,

From grand Mountain views, lush mountain meadows, wild fauna,

to grazing sheep our trip was full of adventure.

While standing on top of a Nevada Mountain, we looked out into Idaho.

I literally stood and soaked up the sunshine and views.

Nothing like the health benefits of the fresh air and the great outdoors!


We set up our little tent in a grassy grove below some towering aspen.

At camp I spotted some pretty blooms,

and if you know me, you know I’m going to

stop for a photo.

Camp included this way cool fireplace chimney tucked in lush greenery…

and a full running mountain stream.

I wish I had asked the local mountain residents about the fireplace chimneys.

Is there a rich history of these stone structures?

I would like to have thought so.

Mountain Florals

The flowers were blooming away.

When I was a kid I called these flowers ‘cow cabbage.’

I remember cows grazing among the large leaves.

I don’t remember where I got the name for these wild flowers that look like yellow daises.

If you are looking for some great outdoor adventure and the mountains are calling,

I encourage you to go.

There are plenty of roads and natural beauty to see.

Take in the sights and soak up the beauty.

I would highly recommend going if you feel you would enjoy seeing it.

Happy Weekend!

Quite often you’ll find me where the wild things are.

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