A Shabby Little Footstool – DIY

March 3, 2019





I think I told you how junkin’ is my game.

I like hunting through antique stores, thrift stores, and junk shops.

If I’m lucky, road-side finds are a score.

On one of these trips to an antique store, I found a shabby little footstool.

This petite little footstool,

just a bit small,

caught my eye even though it was wearing it’s shabby attire.


foot stool before


The minute I saw it, I knew how I wanted it to look.

With delicate little carvings and short stubby legs…I knew.

I paid the $10 and took it home.

I cleaned up the wood, stripped off it’s shabby covering,

and went shopping for the perfect fabric.


cheeta fabric for stool


At last, and with some time passing (six months or more),

I found some faux fur leopard print.

Because you know… I never met a leopard that I didn’t like!

With the faux leopard print fabric and a bit of gold braid trim,

I began the makeover.

Adding the rustic charm – not too much, not too little,

not too fancy, not too plain.

The make-over ended like this.



They say that leopard print is a neutral and can go with everything.

I think I agree!;)

Maybe adding a little rustic romanticism –


IMG_1372 (1)


I think I want to express myself with this little footstool

wearing some faux animal print.


IMG_1188 (1)


Love leopard print. So fun to add to a room.




I like cozy and comfortable rooms and leopard print helps add to that.

Even in black and white, leopard is fun.




Tucking it next to a favorite red chair…



IMG_1365 (2)


it looks good holding a few old books.



Happy Sunday!

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