How Does Your Garden Grow?

Monday, June 15, 2020

Happy Monday!

You know, it’s funny – every week, from spring through the fall,

I think I don’t have much in bloom in the yard until I take a few pictures.  

So this week, I thought I would show you around my country garden.

That is, before we began our new home construction.

When I first started my yard, I pretty much knew nothing about gardening. Throwing formality out of the window I began planting things that I loved. I wanted brick pathways with the mix of wildflowers spilling into the pathways, pretty green leafy plants, and an abundance of blooms everywhere you looked. I wanted that English cottage garden look with it’s distinct style—and informal design, densely planted, with flowers at the edge of garden beds spilling over onto the paths. The overall effect is artful, romantic, and uncontrived.

Enjoy the tour!

To add additional interest I wanted a little rustic and refound!

Every color of flower goes with rust! Rust is a must!

Like old rusted pitch forks in wine barrels with a bunch of annual blooms!

Old rusty buckets filled with succulents

Just an old rusted out enamel pan framing growing columbine.

Living in a high desert region, one is required to plant water-wise plants and ones that can withstand harsh winters. I did try to get the right plant in the right place. Taking care to suit the planting to the soil, the light levels and how much water it might need. The plants will be happier, and so, you’ll be happier. I picked plants that are doers: robust and tough. In a garden there may be down times. So I tried to plant flowers that bloomed at different times, but throughout the summer. This will make your garden look amazing throughout summer.

I think that there is nothing is more romantic than a cottage garden that is blooming and overflowing. I like gardens dripping with flowers and heady with scent. These gardens bring a breath of the elegance to any space.

Spaces that would otherwise be empty were filled with flowers, both for their beauty and to suppress weeds. Boy, believe me we can get plenty of weeds! I wanted my flowers the predominant feature. Delicate, fragrant, garden pinks, the bolds and the silvery foliage that provides interest in a summer garden.

Lambs ear is a soft velvety leafed perennial that grows well for me. It’s easy to grow and provides a beautiful layered look as it grows under taller plants. It provides such beautiful gray/green foliage. Lambs ear is a great high desert plant, because it is a water wise plant, so perfect for my area.

Lacey Sentenials

 In the front of the house the peonies are starting to bloom.

Loving these pale pink blooms.

Peonies and old rusty fence.

Heady With Scents

I planted lilac bushes, wild roses, and honey suckle for their heady scent.


A Little On The Wild Side

The wild roses that crop up here and there (don’t have the heart to pull them).

Wild roses lend to the overflowing and natural look, which I love.

I think the beauty of cottage gardens is that mostly anything goes.

Honey Suckle

Pink Coneflowers and Shasta Daisies


Curated or rambling I love a cottagy garden!

Happy Monday!

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