Are You Ready for Fall?

August 18, 2022

Fall vibes on the table

It has been in the 90’s here all week- so it is definitely feeling a bit more like summer than Fall, and technically it is still summer.

And… today looks a little cloudy and calling for some rain.

For all of you summer people, Fall is coming. So don’t be mad. I’m a little excited about some cooler temperatures for sure. Maybe some cozy knit sweaters, boots, soft snuggly blankets, and cooler evenings. When we had a bit of rain a week or so ago, I was pretty excited. The rain perked up the grass, bushes and trees. Those rainy days got me longing for autumn things.

Fall feels like the most exciting time in the home. I love how our home feels in the fall. Warm fires, autumn baking, and decorating for the fall just might be the most exciting.

 Fall and Halloween decor is already showing up in department stores, magazines, and blog land. So even though I might be wearing shorts and flip flops instead of boots and sweaters- I’m starting to address a cozier look in my home. I thought I would share a few fall photos, some from last year, and just some fall vibes to transition a summer style to a fall style.

Decorating for fall 2022 tips!

Here are a few tips that I found that you can start with to transition your summer style to your fall style.

Dried Florals

Dried florals & darker wood tones

#1 Dried Florals – will carry your home into the new fall season. I love to forage for dried botanicals that may even include weeds. This is the easiest way to transition from fresh greens and the flowers of summer. This always works for me.

Warm Earthy Tones

#2 Warm Colors – A fresh warmer green always works for the fall and winter season.

A warm green looks great with brown and orange.  Yes, earthy colors, deep, dark, and classic.


#3 Candles – cozy flickering candles always make a difference. The evening glow, the flickering light, the aroma of a fall scented candle that leads the sensory effects will totally transform the way one feels about a space.  Candles seem to warm up a room. And… the ambiance of candles… need I say more?


#4 Texture – adding layers with cozy throws (plaid), velvet, and soft linens will certainly bring your home those cozy feels without feeling too forced. Mix your texture and be bold with-it using glass, textiles, tones, and branches.


#5 Pumpkins – Faux or real, one or more says it all!

Add a real pumpkin with lots of texture to your kitchen workspace.

Add a faux, primitive style pumpkin to a platter with greenery.

Add more faux pumpkins…

Add a trio or more of hand painted primitive wood pumpkins as a table sitter-for a harvest of primitive fall decor.

And don’t forget those elusive, last-minute pumpkins that we love to decorate with.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from some of my past fall decor.

Happy …almost the weekend!

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