The Little Old Tool Box that Could

Friday, December 11, 2020

Sometimes it’s something extra ordinary that inspires you.

Around the holidays we can’t wait to gather with family and friends.

We prepare pretty decor and plan and prep for the food.

Today, I was inspired to share a different approach to setting the table for guests.

Sharing my love of all things vintage, I repurposed an old wooden tool box as a buffet center piece to hold dishes and table linen on my kitchen island.

 I am a sucker for anything that wears original patina especially if it involves chipping, peeling, worn. shabby, old paint. This toolbox definitely has all of the above. Things that you brought home from yester-year inspire us for a change. I’m loving the look of the tool box… that definitely is showing it’s patina aged with time.

Kind of thinking outside the box… instead of a formal table setting I am using the toolbox as a buffet center on my kitchen island. Like The Little Engine That Could the story’s signature phrases such as “I think I can” I adapted to the little gray toolbox.

This little toolbox embraces cozy comfort and brings the outside in.

It’s nifty, thrifty, and handy!

Keeping plates and napkins gathered and within reach. I layered my napkins and plates.

Here I added canning jars to hold silverware. However, by rolling up the silverware in the napkins everything could be contained.

Handy for guests to grab dishes for buffet style dining or cute decor all by itself. I think I might like it to display some sentimental dinnerware that belonged to my grandmother.

Carving out more storage space in the kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Getting organized with super simple tricks (many using items we already have around the house). I love using vintage, eclectic and timeless treasures…repurposing and re-loving all things left in time and giving them new places to shine!

A little wild west stylin’ for some wild west livin’.

XXOOs ~Tammy

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