A Rustic Wine Barrel Band Wreath

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Hi friends! Hello August!

Yes, I’m always late for a party. Hot August days party that is.

Summer is moving right along at a break-neck speed, with some pretty hot days.

You know what happens after summer… autumn. Autumn brings some cooler temperatures, and I must say that I might be looking forward to some cooler days.

Along with the thoughts of cooler days, I have been thinking ahead seasonally just a bit to maybe some autumn decor.

 When a friend texts you and asks if you are interested in some rusty metal rings from a rotted wine barrel, you say “Yes.” Her great inspiration and gift provided me with this opportunity to create!

A Rusty Metal Wreath

A rustic wine barrel band. There will be rust residue and other imperfections.  The rust residue was sanded, wiped clean, and sealed, trying not to lose some of the unique imperfections and character.

Go Fabulous Faux

Choosing some autumn inspired flowers along with a rusty metal band I crafted a simple wreath in design. I wanted something that had clean lines but created a little drama. I incorporated the chocolate, burgundy, gold, and dainty white faux florals bringing contrast, texture, height along with pops of blue from the globe-shaped (Echinops) thistle-like foliage.

Adding a pop of blue with the faux globe thistle.

Using zip-ties I fastened the faux florals right to the metal band. To disguise the zip ties, I wrapped copper wire around the zip tie and stems. A now constantly blooming bounty that is mindfully made and ethically sourced all the while sustainable.

A little trash to treasure.

Maybe a little on the autumn side of florals with a little harvest-y vibe;).

Pretty faux florals with a usual rusty treasure.

My favorite mix of pretty & rustic.

The Look on a Door

A great pop of color in any space.

An Inside Statement

Brightens a corner.

Any where you place it… this faux floral wreath is pretty…

Even hung on the back of a chocolate cowhide chair.

This wreath is a natural accent in any room, and makes a great welcome statement to guests & a gift.

 I love the charm this rustic wreath adds to the space.

I hope this wine barrel band DIY inspires you to create your own wine barrel band wreath. If you do, let me know! xx 

I always enjoy sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.


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