Simple Mason Jars

April 12, 2022

In my home the story I like to tell, or show is how I upcycle something that others may toss. To keep life somewhat budget friendly I looked for one little thing that I have typically repurposed to share with you. I searched my cupboards and pantry for that item that I already have. The item I came up with is …

Mason Jars!

I liked to think about them in a new way vs. throwing them away. If you can repurpose an item that you already may have tucked away, what do you think it would be? First shop your home.

A Little History

The creator behind mason jars was John L. Mason. Mason didn’t make any money off of them. He patented his invention in 1858 (at the age of just 26!), but the patent expired in 1879. The jar wasn’t invented first. Mason, a tinsmith, who created the jar, invented the cap first. The jar itself came after. Competitor brands didn’t start making Mason jars until after 1879, of which Mason didn’t see any of the profit.

In 1884, Ball Corporation began manufacturing glass home-canning jars, the product that established Ball as a household name and licensed Mason’s design. The jars were designed to make an airtight seal when heated, making them ideal for preserving food. The jars were affordable, re-usable, and an immediate success.

Did you know that you can actually date your Mason/Ball jars? The logo on the Mason jar can help you figure out when it was made.

Now we know why they are called Mason jars! People still use mason jars for their intended use of canning food, but there are many other uses for them that will repurpose them as well.

In the Pantry

In my home I have used them in the pantry to store dry goods and other items.

Around the Home

With their airtight seal Mason jars are perfect for storing dry goods.

Holding candles in pretty vignettes. This may be my favorite!

In a wooden tote to hold silverware for a brunch buffet.

With Epsom Salts and a candle. For additional interest, add a touch of ribbon for a spring touch.

With or without ribbon, a candle in a Mason Jar along with some Epsom Salts is still pretty. Just a little more on the simple side. This can be fashioned completely to your taste. Candles always add that extra special ambience and in a Mason jar they just a bit of, good ole’ fashioned country house style.

Not every project needs to be complicated and overdone or expensive. I think some of the best projects are low cost, low work, high impact and high joy. That is why Mason jars are perfect to upcycle, repurpose around the house.

I hope that I have inspired you in some small fashion to repurpose, reuse mason jars around your home. I know that there are many other ways to repurpose mason jars, but I wanted to share just a few that I use.

Happy Tuesday!

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