The Beauty of Flowers

April 7, 2022

In case you haven’t noticed I’m a big flower girl. Yep! And… I live in the part of the country that it isn’t always easy to grow flowers for all seasons. So, I shop for grocery store flowers. I usually stop in and take a peek at the flowers at several different grocery stores each week to see what they have that might inspire a post. Sometimes they are romantic flowers and then you get a combination of pretty blooms like these that just said, “Spring.” So, they went in a watering can.

Inside the watering can I placed two jars with water and then split up the bunch of flowers. These two bunches of flowers cost $6.99 each. Not bad for about $14.

What joy arises in me when I fill a container with flowers. I love the shape and colors of different flowers. Their beauty and freshness together or individually are amazing! Wherever you place a bouquet of flowers, they just seem to change the atmosphere. So, I move them around!

Fresh, fading, or even dried, flowers invoke a feeling of pretty.

These dried beauty’s hold a special seat in the house.

Rejoice in an Unexpected Blend of Florals

Flowers offer such beauty with their colors, fragrances and delicate texture. A flurry of color, texture, and variety make a spectacular bouquet for any occasion.

Sigh! I love roses!

Flowers just say love, romance, admiration, and/or appreciation.

Flowers are a natural decoration. Don’t you think?

Whether it’s a full bouquet in a vase, or simply a single bloom in a jar I love them.

Wherever you put flowers, a little sunshine goes with them.

What’s your thoughts on flowers?

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ~Claude Monet

Happy Thursday!

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