A Make Over on the Perfect Little Vintage Step Ladder

March 19, 2022

I usually show you things that are in a finished state, how I have used and decorated it. Well today, I decided to show you anything but that of my latest acquirement in its state of transition. Maybe a muse of sort.

A vintage step ladder.

I acquired this little charmer from a dear friend. I have been on the hunt for a wooden stool for some time and just haven’t found The One. Knowing this, she offered me a step ladder and of course I couldn’t say no. It was pretty much love a first sight.

The Before

It looks a bit vulnerable in this position!

I must tell you that it was an oops, and I thought I had taken a picture of it in its correct stance before I painted it. I hadn’t! However, you get the idea of what it looked like before… Sage Green took over.

Sage Green

She’s a charmer I’m telling you! With her wonky not so level legs and a tad on the wobbly side, but

 most ridiculously charming. Full of possibilities. Perfectly imperfect!

And I wanted to give it attitude!

So, this dusty sage green became the color for my muse. Did you know that green symbolizes life, fertility, renewal and resurrection? I did not. This is pretty fitting for my little vintage step ladder. Don’t you think? I’m giving her back a new life, a renewal!

She isn’t finished!

So, what is she going to do around my hacienda? Kind of like me, whatever she wants!

My grand vision for this little charmer…

In the bathroom, it’s going to hold candles. Soap. A towel. Flowers!

In the laundry room, a plant, maybe two.

Or in the kitchen, a tea towel!

Or by a chair. Holding a special cup of tea and a book. Anywhere she lands, it will be perfect!

Yes, I went green!

Stay tuned for the next chapter of The Little Step Ladder That Could.

Happy Saturday!

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