A Few Favorite Things – Weekend RoundUp

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Welcome to a weekend edition… a few of my favorite things.

I hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are! We are having a wet and soggy weekend!

I wanted to share a round-up of my Favorite Things from this past week. When things get crazy it always makes me realize how blessed I truly am even if life seems a little chaotic. Yes, even when you are retired you get busy. Here are just a few things that I found to put together for my rustic and refound, a few favorite things.

…Because I’m craving a little sunshine today!

It’s Lilac Season

My lilacs are finally blooming! Our season for lilacs is pretty late compared to others I’m sure.

Lilacs are some of my most favorite flowers.

These lilacs were started from my sweet mom’s lilac bush many years ago. I feel a little sentimental about these flowers. So, I just had to share what I clipped from my yard.

I may go lilac over-load.;)

Lilacs are amazing flowers! Not just because they are beautiful and full of delicate star shaped blossoms that have the most intricate details. Or that they bring a burst of sunshine into a room, or they fill gardens with their gorgeous shades of purple in spring signaling that summer is just around the corner, or even that their scent is absolutely incredible…
 Of course they are amazing for all of those things and they are simply beautiful flowers to bring indoors and enjoy.  I absolutely love them!

Rustic and Refound

Don’t you just love crusty zinc buckets? Well, you probably guessed that I do.

So when seasonal flowers bloom, buckets of fresh-clipped flowers land on the dining table, entry table, and old benches.

Old buckets are the best for gathering fresh blooms.

A mix of vintage and new.

Vintage buckets gathered with new white porcelain pitchers, and collected cutting boards.

All simple elements that look amazing together.

Old Weathered Benches

Old silvered and weathered benches are another favorite. Maybe a little wonky in nature from being out in the weather, but it’s absolutely adorable. If benches can be adorable.

I had to bring inside that rustic element of weathered wood.

Even the splits in the sides and top are things that make it so appealing to me.

This bench is so charming even in it’s crooked nature.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite rustic and refound items from my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite things on this wet and soggy Saturday.

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