Hunting & Gathering

January 25, 2023

I’m a hunter and gatherer of collectibles. Vintage china. Copper. Western. The list goes on.

I haven’t shared with you some of my gathered treasures in sometime. What does a girl do when she is retired? Thrifting and antiquing have become one of my favorite past-times. What’s better than shopping of vintage finds?

Out & About

When I’m out and about at antique stores, thrift stores, or tag sales I’m always on the lookout for stray dishes, bowls, and silverware. I’ve found great bargains on incomplete sets and pieces—odds and ends that are usually overlooked. Some of these have become favorite pieces. I’m always looking for something that just really speaks to me.

Recent Finds

Floral Favorites

I cannot resist a floral embellished plate or teacup. Those dainty delicate flowers and scrolls just get me every single time. And if there is a whole set on the thrift store shelves…and the price is right…somebody hold me back. I will take them all!

On this day some small, sweet delicate plates spoke to me. The color was all right. The patterns were all right. The pink and red roses on those delicate plates had me at, “Hello.”

Vintage Florals

I am loving their sweetness.

Romantic vintage! Valentine’s day is coming up so why not add some vintage style to your home to decorate for this holiday. Most v-day decor could look cheesy or commercialized so adding pinks and reds in delicate floral china will certainly give your home that special romantic feeling! I love to bring a little bit of that charm to my home every day in different ways. Stay tuned – these may land on a wall.

I will admit that I have a slight addiction to vintage china.

At the Antique Store

On another note, a brown and white ironstone platter grabbed my attention as well. Even though it didn’t talk floral, it spoke Colonial. It depicts George Washington on the shore of the Delaware River. He’s on a horse, pointing directions. A cannon, kegs and soldiers in boats are coming ashore. On the rim are patriotic emblems with a flag, hat, horn, and bow. I kind of think that this brown and white platter is a vintage English gem. A perfect farmhouse touch for the holidays.

How Do you decide which pieces you and which ones will be a passing fancy? I mean, you could probably make a case for most of them – but there are definitely some that I will grab more often than others.

Additional Finds

Additional wandering through the antique store brought me to two other items that had to come home with me as well. This ceramic horse bust was a must. Although it has a couple of chips from the top of its ears – I had to have it!

A sweet copper heart cookie cutter was a special need. After all it is almost Valentine’s Day, and I’m kind of over the moon about it. However, I think someone hand formed it. It has a bit of a mis-shaped appearance.

They all are joining my collection!

I believe that you should collect what you love and what works for you and your lifestyle. There really are no ‘rules’ for collecting or design to follow. And I am not a big believer in rules anyway. I say just follow and do what makes you happy and it will be perfect.

Happy hunting and gathering!

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