Weekend Roundup -Bringing the Outside In

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Welcome to my weekend roundup!

This week went by so very fast! And…It was a bit busy.

I finished my week babysitting one of my favorite “Littles.” I haven’t played that much soccer, basketball, and volleyball since junior high and my high school days. We spent a great deal of time outside. I had a blast with him!

Today, I want to talk about bringing some touches of greenery to our indoor spaces.

First, I must clarify again, that I’m not a certified decorator. Maybe you won’t even like my images or what I do, and that is certainly okay. (Whoa, that was long winded!)


Sometimes just a little touch of the seasons inside is exactly what we need.

I have been embracing the natural touches in my rooms for awhile now.

Sometimes it’s just bare branches and twigs, or just some old vines twisted around for a foraged wreath.

There is something about wandering around outside to see what inspires you to bring it indoors.

Bringing the outdoors in is so simple – especially in Spring.

This week is all about some pretty blooming shrubs and how simple buckets can be a perfect way to enjoy them in your home.

Sometimes a pretty bucket of blooms is all that you need to spruce up the space.

Two Things I’m Obsessed With

Old Buckets and Flowering Bushes/Shrubs

  1. Old Buckets – New Buckets Old Buckets and maybe new buckets are always a go-to favorite for me. This is one of my favorite buckets and some of my favorite blooming shrubs.

This bucket is so pretty with it’s turquoise and copper feel.

Not an old bucket, but more on the new side. It has an Old World feel, and it kind of gives you a rustic European vibe.

2. Flowering Bushes/Shrubs – I love the delicate pretty pink blooms from this Honeysuckle bush.

This Honeysuckle bush is growing in the front of our house. It blooms the smallest and most delicate pink blossoms in the spring and has a very delicate sweet scent. It’s one of my favorites. So, I snipped some bottom branches, bringing a little of the outside in.

This charming bush is easy to grow. It’s planted in a sunny spot, with plenty of room to sprawl.

 This Honeysuckle bush requires nothing more than water and maybe a trim to keep it looking quaint instead of crazy.

Buckets of blooming shrubbery add charm and are so simple and easy to add anywhere.

They make a gorgeous centerpiece for a rustic table.

 It kind of makes my heart do a little pitter patter.

Even on the kitchen island a bucket of flowering greenery add some pretty and some charm.

A simple island vignette.

Happy Saturday everyone.

Thanks for stopping by Rustic and Refound… where I’m sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

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