Rustic Inspired Wooden Candle Holders

May 9, 2022

Rustic Ranch Chic Wooden Candle Holders

You know when you come across an old 4×4 with this color, this patina, this much rustic character you know your creative juices just get flowing. So, you know I was inspired!

Wooden candle risers – All-natural wood. These wood candle holders (pillars) are made with found 4×4 posts. The post is naturally distressed with raw age and decay.

I call them Rustic Ranch Chic. I think anything accented with vintage barbed wire gets a little ranchy.

Created with true vintage/antique barbed wire!

 There is nothing I like better than a bunch of wooden candle holders, all at varying heights. A large set of candle holders looks chic for the holidays or any day, but they can get expensive to buy. I’m that girl that loves to save a dollar and make my own home decor when I can. I like my home decor unique, expensive looking, and to tell my story.

A Stunning Table Centerpiece

With this much color and natural patina in the wood, I think they make a stunning centerpiece perfect for a dining table, coffee table, end table, kitchen countertop, and for a rustic ranch wedding – again they would be perfect.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

While creating my post candle holders of three, a last-minute, last piece of raw wood was left. With my motto of waste-not, want-not a fourth candle holder just happened to be. The candle cup was made just a little different for maybe a single styling all on its own. They are handmade and unique, therefore there may be slight variations in each individual candle stand.

This is my rustic ranch chic or farmhouse style. Candle holders made from real distressed natural wood and antique barb wire all from my stash.

These wooden candle holders can add interest to your home design. Their raw, aged texture will look great in both modern and antique decor.

I like to think it’s a valuable skill to make something attractive and decorative out of non-purchased items. So, I’ll just be here trying to think of ways of turning scrap into home decor.

Happy Monday!


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