A Junkin’ Treasure

Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy April!

I can’t believe that we are already into the month of April!

It’s junkin’ season!

I just love rusty, crusty, treasures. Sometimes the shabbier the better.

It’s trash to treasure!

The rustic & refound that always sparks my interest. A. LOT!

Sometimes the imperfections in something is what I fall for.

These old rusty, crusty bed springs charmed me right away!

They are simple in design and yet something about them just speaks a little fun.

A little wonky & you can bend them to fit your design.

The Thrill of The Hunt

If I told you where I “dug” these up, you would probably think I was crazy. But you see, I love the outdoors and exploring back country roads is kind of a big deal. When you travel along those dusty trails in the desert and you happen to look out into the sagebrush and see the sunlight glinting off some broken glass and upon further inspection see some rusty cans, rusted out old dead cars, you can expect me to be applying the brakes.

Yep, that’s where I found my junkin’ treasure.

There they were just laying there in the desert dirt, looking at me with all that rusty goodness.

I liked them so much, I packed up arm loads. And…that’s no foolin’.

I imagined all the creative things that I could make with them.

And so it begins…

Vintage Bed Springs for Candle Holders

A vintage bed spring centerpiece is a fun way to repurpose trash to treasure.

Old rusty bed spring decor is such a novelty.

The possibilities are quite endless when it comes to the use of old rusty bed springs. If you don’t believe it so, look out on the internet.

I love the rusty patina they’ve earned from lying in the desert dirt.

Along with the bed springs, these cute little bottles were also pre-desert dwellers.

I love timeless pieces, even if it is an old rusty bed spring.

They kind of provide a laid back charm from an era long gone.

There they are on an old board, marching down the center of my table holding candles assisting with candle light ambiance.

I enjoy using found objects to decorate my home.

Weathered and rusty pieces create a timeless ambiance throughout the home. My passion for old things has always been with me. I like to mix the old with the new.

The old bed springs & new candles.

Continuing today in a joyful way, I enjoy the discoveries of treasures to share.

The one thing that keeps me going year after year is the thrill of the hunt!

 I want my home to be filled with attractive arrangements of favorite finds that have been gathered through the years.

My house might be eclectic. I don’t think I have a certain style.

I love collecting and decorating with found objects. they add charm and interest.

Some of my favorite things would be no value to someone else, but I love old paint, old weathered wood and old metal.

These old bed springs, bottles of blooms, and a weathered board just fit the bill!

I think I will keep reinventing some of my older pieces just to add interest.

Along with my rusted treasures I think I will keep bringing in cuttings of flowers and foliage into my home to freshen the space. Even (gathered and foraged vines & wild dried clippings) a pretty fallen branch or twig makes an artistic statement.

Thanks for stopping by Rustic & Refound today!

Where I always enjoy sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

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