A Curated Collection of Past Blooms That Are Easy-to-Love

August 7, 2022

While I love the real thing of fresh flowers, I also love to walk on the wild side of a sustainable bouquet that requires no maintenance and is always in full bloom for every season. With life in balance so often so are floral arrangements. Maybe not this one quite so much.

Just as every fresh bloom has its place in your garden, every dried floral has its place in your perfect vase or vessel. I would like to think that this rustic looking bucket is the perfect vessel for this dried floral arrangement.

I’m loving these simple, charming, and everlasting little posies sourced from left-over floral arrangements.

Pinks + pale cream + sage greens + soft lavender + browns = One dried inspired arrangement.

Flowers fade, but these faded dried beauties will live forever.

This combination of flowers is a bit astonishing for their remaining color. I felt that their dramatic beauty and variety should be celebrated. So, I combined them together to create a bit of art.

While bouquets and bunches of fresh flowers are always beautiful-dried flowers are charmers all their own. They are another way to enjoy those beautiful blooms and for much longer than when they are fresh.

While working with these beauties you must know that there is very little room for forgiveness. Dried florals lose petals, and don’t always like to sit comfortably next to one another as you might think. So, you kind of end up with an uneven establishment of blooms. One must love them for their imperfections and love them as imperfectly perfect.

I would like to think that my home is filled with stories and maybe this arrangement is just a snippet of a good story with great character.

With soft and vivid pinks + deep greens and sage greens this sustainably handmade arrangement will warm up any tabletop and requires no upkeep to stay beautiful year-round. Maybe a little wild, and not symmetrical – this dried arrangement is a charmer all on its own. Dried arrangements bring a sense of whimsy to a room, and they are just plain pretty anywhere you place them.

You might have noticed that I am a big fan of dried flowers. I like the rustic charm they add to tablescapes and just the whole room.

I could go on and on and on… basically, I think you can use dried flowers pretty much anywhere in your home to add a special beautiful touch. I hope that I have given you some inspiration to save and display those dried flowers and greens in your home all season long.

Happy Floral Sunday

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