DIY Autumn Leaf Luminaries

October 27, 2021

Autumn Luminaries

The Autumn season is the gateway to those long chilly winter months where the days are shorter, and we head to the house to get cozy. Around my house that means candlelight and warm fires in the wood stove.

So these DIY Autumn leaf luminaries just seemed the things to make. They are the perfect project for this time of year and they look elegant!

These Autumn luminaries would be a fun project to do with your littles.

How To Make A Luminary

What you will need:

-Leaves (varying colors)

-Wax paper


-Thin towel/rag – (flour sack type)

-Tape or hot glue gun

Step 1:

You will want to gather leaves that are somewhat freshly fallen- not crispy. (Find varying colors.)

I folded my sheet of wax paper in half. I made half size luminaries. Approximately 6 inches tall.

Step 2:

First, lay out the size of wax paper that you want your luminary to be. Using the glossy side (waxy) side, lay your leaves out.

You can lay the leaves in whatever design you choose, but I just laid them out randomly.

Step 3:

Then place another layer of wax paper with glossy side toward the leaves or fold the wax paper over.

Step 4:

Iron the wax paper sheets together. (Place the towel/rag on top of the wax paper.) It is better to use a thin rag in between your iron and the wax paper so you don’t get any wax on the iron.

Step 5:

Roll in a tube shape and secure with tape or hot glue. I used hot glue by over-lapping the edges and glued.

Place over a candle (battery operated is safest as wax paper can/will burn)

They really are so beautiful and elegant for Fall decorating!

I hope you enjoyed my simple DIY and have inspired you in some small way.

Happy Fall!

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