Once Upon a Creative Day

January 18, 2023

Cottage Roses

So often I think that it’s not a good day unless it’s a creative one.

When the winter weather has you confined to your home what is something that inspires you?

Paintings of old French roses rather if they are done in an abstract design or not have always been a love. Since I am not an artist an abstract appearance is what I choose to call my “cottage roses.”


Using a piece of painters drop cloth I glued and nailed the drop cloth to a sanded and white-washed salvaged plank.

I tattered and frayed the edges of the drop cloth to give an old vintage feel.

I used acrylic paints and painted pale pink roses, vintage style to look worn and faded.

I wanted that heirloom look and feel. Like old style, vintage, roses.

All materials were items that I had on hand. Nothing was purposely purchased for this project. This little project was pretty inexpensive.

Tattered material, a salvaged plank, acrylic paints, and old nails all adding to the rightness and aged feel.

I design and create around my rustic heart; inspired from within.

 A rustic style does not have to lack in value or beauty. It’s all about what you desire.


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