Come, We Fly at Dawn

October 27, 2022

Meet Broom – Hildie!

Here at Rustic and Refound items often get a makeover, sometimes more than once. Broom – Hildie started off as two brooms. Two brooms that I had in my fall home decor stash once purchased from a home improvement store. You know those small cinnamon scented brooms that you can purchase from Home Depot? (That’s where I bought mine.)

Broom – Hildie is a DIY

With a found handle from an old rake and two of the cinnamon scented brooms from Home Depot – Broom – Hildie found her beginnings. She’s custom made!

To Make Your Own –

What you will need:

  • 2 cinnamon scented brooms
  • wooden handle or a large sturdy limb (It doesn’t have to be straight)
  • trimming shears
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • wire
  • jute twine
  • twinkle lights
  1. Broom deconstruction – remove the wrappings from the top of the small brooms to the middle so that you can spread the twigs apart. This is what I have clipped away in the above photo.
  2. Spread the twigs apart on the two brooms to create a bit more fullness. Center the wooden handle in the middle of the twigs and secure them to the handle with a hot glue gun and wrap tightly with wire then cover the wire with jute twine.

3. Weave a strand of battery-operated orange twinkle lights throughout the twigs to add some Halloween ambiance and charm.

Room for the broom –

Broom – Hildie has moved around the house for photo shoots.

A closet pose

If the broom fits ride it!

Broom – Hildie took her stance in the witch’s corner.

Broom – Hildie is the perfect broom for the homebody. Great for short trips, cleaning up after a messy witch concocting potion, and fending off home invasions. You can sweep away your anxiety as you soar off in style. Moving swiftly through the skies.

Happy Halloween!

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