A Jar of Memories

March 5, 2022

A jar filled with snippets of memories.

Not just filled with memories, but a collection of curated items from a loved one. For me, this jar is personal. Do you have a collection of small bits and pieces of life? Maybe you have a collection of bits and pieces of unusual finds that you have stashed in a box or drawer that you have collected along the path of life.

Have you ever thought about displaying those collections? Well, here you go. Start a jar of curiosities made up from those found collections. My classic jar is filled with loving items of my life. Not all! Just a few things that I have since found while unpacking boxes.

A Time Capsule

Similar to a time capsule. My jar is filled with my baby shoes, birth ankle bracelet, birth announcement, my mom’s last piece of crochet, her watch, a ticket to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2010, a Spanish hair comb that was given to my mom, a piece of my horse’s tail along with other items that I have collected.

Time capsules don’t necessarily need to be buried or hidden away. So, this is why this snippets jar is a perfect spot for those collections of memories.

Top view of curated items.

Add some twinkle lights! Make it sparkle. I added a tiny string of battery-operated lights so at night those memories are lit.

I have to say that this idea did not come from me. I discovered the idea at Nora Murphy Country House Blog.

This is just a fun way to display those little memories that we so often have laying around or hidden away. The ideas and possibilities to creating a memory jar are almost endless. Some ideas may include a wedding day, baby’s birth, Holiday memories, little antique collectibles, old shells, and other wonderful miscellaneous odds and ends.
Don’t worry, if you don’t fill it up, keep it going. Don’t be afraid to add those special times as you go. What a beautiful gift this would make as a life-time keepsake.

I’ve since added a message from a former student that was very special to me. I had this tucked away in a book. Now, I can see the message from her every day.

I used a $15 jar purchased from Walmart. I think you could use about any jar that is large enough to hold your special times. A perfect piece to display on a coffee table along with your favorite stack of books.

I hope I have inspired you to gather your snippets of wonderful memories and put them on display.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope your weekend is filled with special memories.

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