A Style Snippet – A Rustic and Refound

August 5, 2022

A style snippet! A summer styling.

Dress up a glass hurricane with a chunky pillar candle and a handful of oyster shells!

Oyster shells – inspired by nature, quite substantial, and oh so elegant!

Rustic Elegance

Gorgeous oyster shells!

This little detail is incredibly simple yet brings a seaside vibe to your rustic decor. Nothing like bringing the outside in.

I have probably never met a hurricane that I didn’t love…and this one is no exception! Big, bold & beautiful. This wonderfully curvy glass piece caught my eye immediately with its generous scale. It is perfect to add accompaniment of a handful of oyster shells.

I love adding the beauty of candlelight – inside and outside. So, this large hurricane became the perfect vessel for a large white pillar candle. However, it needed something else.

We were given fresh oysters – flown in from the sea

The minute I cleaned the outside, I admired the texture and colors. I quickly learned how to clean and cook them. They aren’t easy to shuck the shell. Not for the weak at heart! I cooked them on the Bar B Q for about 5 -8 minutes and let the heat pop them open. Put some melted butter and garlic on the contents and they were delicious!

How Did They Go from Table to Hurricane?

  1. Before cooking: Scrub with a brush in fresh water to clean the outside of the shell.
  2. Cooked on the Bar B Q until the shells pop open – Finish popping the shell open with a knife. Top the inside oyster with melted butter and garlic. Eat. Enjoy!
  3. Cleaned the inside of the shell with soap and water using scrub brush.
  4. Put oyster shells in a bucket of water with 1/4 cup bleach and soaked over-night. Make sure water covers the shells.
  5. Placed shells on paper outside in the direct sunlight – turning shells periodically. About every hour or so.
  6. From the bleach, sunshine, and fresh air – this eliminated any fishy smell and left the oyster shells white and clean.

Gorgeous Oyster Shells

Chalky White, Charcoal Grey, and the really interesting ones have little barnacle clumps stuck to their back looking like works of art! The insides are true works of art.

I think I love displaying these shells amassed in a large, clear glass container – just to showcase their varying textures, forms, and shades of white. Each one is so unique. It’s just so impactful. I love decorating with these simple treasures from the sea.

I have a crazy shell collection with my western addiction.

Happy collecting and decorating with the unique!

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