A Fresh Take On Some Spring Tea Towels

Monday, April 19, 2021

More Vegetable Printing

A short time ago I shared some celery rose stamped tea towels.

Well, I loved them so much that I tried a new fresh vegetable to print with.

I used an artichoke to stamp with. These towels look amazing and I can’t believe how great the printed artichoke looks.

Not having a ton of color options, I decided on the color palette of pink, yellow, golden yellow, and an orange.

This just kind of worked since some of these are my favorite sunny, spring colors! I used two different pinks and three in the yellow/orange (King’s Gold) family. I had some fun layering on the colors!

I’m loving how they turned out!

They are bright, sunny, and will add that pop of pretty to any kitchen.

So…. I added my tea towels to this little island egg vignette.

An Easy DIY

What You Will Need:

Dish towels – flour sack (cotton preferred) (I purchased mine in bulk from Walmart for $7.88 for a 10 pack)

Acrylic paints

sponge brush

Fresh artichoke -$2.50


Make sure that you place a piece of paper under the cotton towel before stamping. The paint will bleed through the fabric.

  1. I started by cutting the the artichoke in half length wise.

2. Using the sponge brush I layered on the pink color paints, without really mixing the colors, directly onto the cut side of the artichoke.

3. Place the vegetable down flat onto the cotton towel and push on the vegetable to make sure that all of the vegetable’s surface and the paint transfer to the towel.

I stamped some pink artichoke towels.

I stamped some pink and orange artichokes.

And, I stamped some artichokes all in orange.

4. Let the towels dry thoroughly.

5. Last, I secured the paint by placing the towels in the dryer for 10 minutes on high and then also ironed them. Next time I might try some fabric paint.

Although, I have had great success using the regular acrylic paints.

I so enjoyed my vegetable printing project.

Don’t you love a craft that doesn’t break the bank?

I figure for around $1.04 a towel and for a project I enjoy doing, and adding that touch of whimsy and pretty to my kitchen can’t be all that bad.

The tea towels also make great gifts. Recently, I added a couple of tea towels along with a fresh baked loaf of banana bread and gifted them to a good friend who also loved them.

I hope you give vegetable printing a try. Happy veggie printing! Thinking I might try some different veggies next time.


I can’t wait to go thrifting and for yard sale season. I always like finding more treasures. Since living where I do, flea markets are kind of out of the question. I guess a good road trip might be in the future works.;) I am ready.

Happy Monday!!!

Thanks for stopping at Rustic and Refound…where someone’s trash is often my treasure and where a little wild west styling is for my wild west livin’.

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