Rustic Wooden Santa

November 23, 2022

Decorating for the holiday season can be so much fun. Especially when you let your creativity take over.

Using scrap wood, I created rustic Santas with just a little paint, baking soda, and yarn. I think these little Santas are rustic wooden treasures with unique charm.

Such a great way to upcycle materials of old scrap wood. This is an easy DIY that most anyone can do. Get your kids involved. Other than, paint, baking soda, and yarn – you just need your imagination when looking at your scrap of wood.

Add a dash of whimsey and seasonal charm with wooden Santas to your Christmas decor.

Display them in a large bowl, rustic bucket, attach hangers and hang them from a shelf or mantle. A perfect addition to the Christmas tree, gift baskets, or on a gift. These wooden Santas are ready to add a whimsical touch to any holiday vignette. Add some twinkle lights to highlight their character and rustic accents that will have you spreading the Christmas spirit and holiday cheer – your way.

Joy is in the Air

One of my most recent endeavors has been hosting a craft evening in the ole barn. This is where women create!

With the help of two very good friends – In October I shared my creations, and we created primitive pumpkins.

The gals!


  Crafting for the holiday season is even better when you share it!

This month we created rustic wooden Santas.

Finished Santas

The girls created their own unique art and inspired each other with laughter and great conversation. They have inspired me to host and facilitate their crafts. I have been honored to do so. I want to make their evening enjoyable. I simply facilitate. The group has grown!

I saw the quote, “One thing I wish someone told me: don’t be afraid to own your creation and be proud of yourself.” and felt that it applies to rustic creations at Rustic and Refound.

A Sneak Peek

Wooden Snowmen

Thanks for joining me today! I love sharing where my wild west stylin’ meets my wild west livin’.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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