A Snowy Day

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I just love spring time.

The birds are chirping, new animal babies are being born, the trees and flowers all begin to bud out, and the grass is growing and greening up.

The sun is shining…

And then…

Yesterday I woke up in the morning to a bit of a surprise. Snow!

Not quite awake, It took me a minute to adjust my eyes and take a mental check of the winter snow scene.

Oh yeah, it’s spring in North Eastern Nevada.

Even though snow is not my favorite anymore, it is a welcomed sight to our much needed dry climate.

What A Monday!

What a way to start a week.

From my trusty iPhone, I couldn’t wait to snap a few quick pics of the trees all covered with the white fluffy blanket of an April snow.

Could mitten weather be back?

For the day?

Maybe for the week?

Just as our lovely little Flowering Plum Trees are beginning to leaf out….snow!

The Flowers of Winter

Sweet budding branches all covered with snow.

Don’t you just love a snow scene?

Now days, more from a distance than up close.

No front porch sittin’ on this day!

I just love the way this little bush with it’s orange berries looks all covered in snow.

So I snapped a few pics of the trees all touched by the snow.

Winter just wants to hang on through a snow in the spring.

Snow is wet and cold. Although, I must admit it can be beautiful.

I guess, just because spring has sprung, doesn’t mean we’re going to just see sunny weather and mild wind conditions.

Spring is about a renewal, and with a renewal you must experience a little discomfort. If that is all there is with a little snow storm, being wet and a brief cold spell, I will take it any day.

You’ve likely heard of the phenomenon of ‘April showers’!  Well, it was an April snow…

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

I wish you all a lovely day!

A Snippet – A Wreath Centerpiece

Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Wreath On the Table – An Everyday Centerpiece Candle Ring

My love for real flowers is always #1.

But I’m also practical, and there are many reasons why and when faux flowers are the way to go…making them a close second! Wreaths aren’t just for hanging on doors. You can use a wreath to create pretty and festive table centerpieces year-round. With a basic wreath – add some candles and you have created a centerpiece for your table that includes a touch of whimsy and added ambiance.

You can add your wreath to a cake stand or other raised plate. Top it with a pillar candle and add some votives or tea lights of varying heights.

When my table-top got bare it was a super lush wreath to the rescue!

Quick and easy home decor.

Just keeping it simple.

With this yellow faux forsythia wreath, I’ve added texture and color.

Whether you use flowers or greens, I feel that it’s key to represent what are in season, like this yellow faux forsythia wreath.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little quick and easy table-top decor, and I have helped you spark creativity when thinking about your everyday table.

I always enjoy sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every day it means the world to me!

A Floral Note and Unexpected Finds

Thursday, April 22, 2021

I just couldn’t resist!

I can never resist gorgeous tulips, and now’s the time of year when they’re often plentiful and just so beautiful!  

So, I purchased a handful of bright pink tulips at my local market for $4.87.

Once I got home, I re-cut my tulips and simply plopped them into a favorite container and filled it half way with room temp water.

I heard that they like the room temp water best.

Now, when it comes to a container – I think I have stated that I’m always on the hunt for interesting containers/vessels for flowers.

So, when I found this teapot in the sales section at Marshalls, because it was missing it’s lid, I found a keeper.

$6.00 was a steal of a deal. Don’t you think?

And…. It is lovely with it’s fluted top and golden trim.

It reminds me of the teapot in Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Potts

I think I will call “her” Mrs. Potts

This little gem fit right in my humble collection of mis-matched vintage pitchers, cups, and sugar bowls.

All are just the right mix for any seasonal flower display.

Isn’t she pretty on a stack of books?

Even better, I think my teapot looks a little vintage.

A Floral Encounter

When it comes table top decor- I like it simple. I don’t generally leave it just the same as where it starts at the beginning of a season. Things get moved around A. Lot!

Flowers are added when the season and styling changes. So a key thing for me is keeping it simple with basics that will work with most everything.

I know… things should be grouped in odd numbers.

I shopped my house, but found nothing to accompany this grouping.

So, I liked it as is.

A Little Unexpected

By adding this half-burned wood burl that is rich in texture and color creates a little character. I love bringing nature into my modern farm house. It creates a big effect and is a great conversation piece. I think I might even like it as a finishing touch to a stack of books, added in a bowl, or a basket.

A little rambling today, about pretty pink tulips, and great unexpected finds.

Just some random thoughts on how I do home and the unexpected.

What is your favorite spring flower?

Happy Thursday!!!

Budding Branches -Pretty In Pink

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Budding Branches

I adore flowers of all kinds, but it’s the flowering branches that always make my heart sing. I’m all about cherry blossom branches with their dainty pink blooms. I’m seriously wishing that I had a yard full of cherry trees.

Cherry blossoms are a bit hard to find here in North Eastern Nevada unless you have your own cherry trees, and then again you can hope that an early or late spring frost, which ever comes first, doesn’t take them.

So, I think it’s perfectly acceptable behavior to pretend that you have real cherry blossom branches hanging out in your kitchen even though you DIYed them.

I’m not sure which should come first my DIY faux cherry blossom branches or the weekend when I “baby sat” some chickens – hence the eggs and egg sign ( That will be another posting).

Another view of those cherry blossom branches in a vignette.

I’m not sure if any of these things go together, but the colors are good.;)

Consider The Container

I’m always on the lookout for interesting containers for flowering branches and cut flowers. I love this bucket for its size and shape. This bucket is perfect for flowering branches to naturally splay out. It’s wonderfully rusting appearance does add character and interest. Don’t you think?

If you look closely you can see that my cherry blossom branches are made from tissue paper and are glued to real willow tree branches.

Well, just so that you are aware…This DIY – creating cherry blossom branches is not my own. This is a borrowed idea from one the best DIY ladies in the blogging world. That is my opinion. She is Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home If you love crafting… She is your gal. Hop over and check out her beautiful home and great crafting ideas.

So Here is The DIY of some cherry blossom branches:

What you will need:

Pink Tissue Paper

Tree branches


Hot glue gun and glue

Time and patience;)

How To Make Cherry Blossoms:

  1. Lay out the tissue paper and leave it stacked together. Cut the tissue paper into 2 1/2 inch strips.
  2. Cut strips into “squares” at 2″ x 2.5″ pieces. You do not have to be exact.
  3. Cut the tissue paper into a “flower” shape with petals. I cut them randomly and not all matched. Just cut them out very loosely.
  • Cut strips into “squares” at 2″ x 2.5″ pieces.
  • “flower” shape with petals.
  • 4. You will make two different size blossoms. One blossom (the bud) will be made from one piece of the cut tissue. The other blossom will be made from two pieces. When you use two pieces, lay them on top of each other and offset the petals. (See photo below.)

    5. Fold the flower shape in half. Then fold it into quarters. Then twist the folded corner.

    6. Using the hot glue gun, glue the flower bud/blossom along the branch

    7. Scatter the bud/blossoms randomly up the branch to the tip.

    8. Put your branches into your favorite container and enjoy a little dose of spring.

    As I stepped back and admired my handiwork I kind of like them. I now have pretty pink blossoms that will stay in bloom for as long as I would like them! So, what you think.? I hope I have inspired you to do a little DIY.

    Folks, the only cost that I have into this project was the cost of the tissue paper. The branches were free from my yard.

    Once again, sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

    Happy Tuesday!

    A Fresh Take On Some Spring Tea Towels

    Monday, April 19, 2021

    More Vegetable Printing

    A short time ago I shared some celery rose stamped tea towels.

    Well, I loved them so much that I tried a new fresh vegetable to print with.

    I used an artichoke to stamp with. These towels look amazing and I can’t believe how great the printed artichoke looks.

    Not having a ton of color options, I decided on the color palette of pink, yellow, golden yellow, and an orange.

    This just kind of worked since some of these are my favorite sunny, spring colors! I used two different pinks and three in the yellow/orange (King’s Gold) family. I had some fun layering on the colors!

    I’m loving how they turned out!

    They are bright, sunny, and will add that pop of pretty to any kitchen.

    So…. I added my tea towels to this little island egg vignette.

    An Easy DIY

    What You Will Need:

    Dish towels – flour sack (cotton preferred) (I purchased mine in bulk from Walmart for $7.88 for a 10 pack)

    Acrylic paints

    sponge brush

    Fresh artichoke -$2.50


    Make sure that you place a piece of paper under the cotton towel before stamping. The paint will bleed through the fabric.

    1. I started by cutting the the artichoke in half length wise.

    2. Using the sponge brush I layered on the pink color paints, without really mixing the colors, directly onto the cut side of the artichoke.

    3. Place the vegetable down flat onto the cotton towel and push on the vegetable to make sure that all of the vegetable’s surface and the paint transfer to the towel.

    I stamped some pink artichoke towels.

    I stamped some pink and orange artichokes.

    And, I stamped some artichokes all in orange.

    4. Let the towels dry thoroughly.

    5. Last, I secured the paint by placing the towels in the dryer for 10 minutes on high and then also ironed them. Next time I might try some fabric paint.

    Although, I have had great success using the regular acrylic paints.

    I so enjoyed my vegetable printing project.

    Don’t you love a craft that doesn’t break the bank?

    I figure for around $1.04 a towel and for a project I enjoy doing, and adding that touch of whimsy and pretty to my kitchen can’t be all that bad.

    The tea towels also make great gifts. Recently, I added a couple of tea towels along with a fresh baked loaf of banana bread and gifted them to a good friend who also loved them.

    I hope you give vegetable printing a try. Happy veggie printing! Thinking I might try some different veggies next time.


    I can’t wait to go thrifting and for yard sale season. I always like finding more treasures. Since living where I do, flea markets are kind of out of the question. I guess a good road trip might be in the future works.;) I am ready.

    Happy Monday!!!

    Thanks for stopping at Rustic and Refound…where someone’s trash is often my treasure and where a little wild west styling is for my wild west livin’.

    Weekend Roundup – Lighten Up!

    Saturday, April 10, 2021

    Welcome to a little of my weekend view.

    Today it’s all about this and that and everything… and sometimes a whole lot of nothing and just chatter.

    Just Some Snippets of My Thoughts on White.

    I received a bouquet of flowers just recently and amongst those beautiful blooms were the creamiest white roses ever!

    My white inspiration!

    I just had to snap photos of these white roses- n- blooms here and there!

    One of the other ways I have found to be a lighter feel for spring is with pops of white and of course texture!

    White just added a refreshing feel to this little space.

    Give me all the texture on this white vase and feather wreath.

    More White

    When choosing the tile backsplash in my kitchen, I knew that I wanted white subway tile.

    White tile feels fresh and timeless….not to mention that after much searching and learning it is a good choice for a clean farmhouse style.

    White’s association with fresh and clean is an especially good thing to have in a kitchen.

    White lightened up my space!

    White is simple and sweet and perfect for a spring and summer styling & you can refresh with it all seasons. 

    My Hodge-Podge of White Serve Ware

    I never realized how much I loved white until I started unpacking my collected serving pieces that were all white.

    All in great shapes and sizes!

    I’ve been collecting white ceramic for some time now. I’m always captured by white serving dishes with unique shapes and textures. The versatility of this collection is pretty limitless. All can be used to serve food and some can hold gorgeous bouquets of flowers.

    Loving the white serve ware displayed on my white shelves.

    Pure White Style!

    My style – I left a stack of white dishes and a casual white bowl holding a candle on the kitchen island.

    Have you ever considered just leaving a stack of dishes out on maybe your island or dining table? Seems maybe a little less formal than a set table and yet it feels gathered and curated too.

    White often takes the guess work out of decorating your space.

    White does go with everything! Even rusty buckets!

    More Whites Around the Hacienda!

    Using soft, neutral accents and calming colors in my linen bedding with a light and airy feel using fresh pops of white!

    A Little Corner of Wonderfully White

    From calming colors to patterns with zest.

    A little corner with some rustic and refound and wonderfully white!

    Make An Entrance!

    White is so Welcoming!

    I created this faux white apple blossom & pink forsythia wreath to make an elegant country statement for my front door. The chalky white to creamy and pink hues of these flowers add dimension and interest.

    Maybe a favorite mix and mingle(pink and white)!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    I hope you enjoyed my spirited style when using pops of wonderful white throughout my decor.

    Always sharing a little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

    Clipboard Art

    Tuesday, April 6, 2021

    Hey there friends!

    I was all about a few vintage wild flower prints when things got a little out of hand.

    And…one thing led to another.

    I wanted to display a collection of vintage wildflower pictures.

    Since there are multiples in this set, hence too many to frame, I decided to use a clipboard for the display as

    I could quickly change out the vintage print without hassle.

    I saved this set of vintage wildflower pictures from when I was teaching.

    I’ve always loved them and knew that someday I would do something with them.

    Another DIYA Clipboard Refresh

    I started with a regular clipboard. I was inspired to do something simple.

    So with a little paint…

    1. Using chalk paint, I painted the clipboard white. Giving the plain clipboard a small facelift.
    2. I painted the clipboard with two coats of white chalk paint. Let dry.
    3. Clip your picture/photo
    4. Display or hang

    Clipboards are great for holding notes and documents so why not for holding pictures?

    Clipboards would work well on a book stand or you could even hang it on the wall using the hole on the back of the clip. This would look great if you had a whole series of them hanging on the wall, either with photos from the same event or all different occasions.

    Clipboards look beautiful holding everything from household notes to vintage photos.

    Use a clipboard to display messages.

    A Mudroom Spring Refresh

    So, I have been trying to refresh my mudroom space to give it a few spring touches.

    Something a little on the pretty side.

    Not only is this room our mudroom, but it also serves as our laundry room and what I consider the potting room (aka the flower arranging room). It connects to our garage just off the yard. So it will be a place that I love to water our indoor plants and maybe do a little repotting of some outdoor flowers.

    With granite counters and a large farm house sink, this room will get plenty of attention and a good workout. Maybe that’s how I always envisioned a mudroom being as it totally serves its purpose in our home.

    Laundry Area

    Flower Arranging Room

    First thing, I need to come clean. Technically my “flower arranging room” is not a room. 

    It’s just a sink in the space.

    A Laundry Room Vignette

    With an old Pepsi box, a few plants, and a trio of candles I created a botanical display to accompany my clipboard and wildflower print art.

    So…what do you think?

    I love to decorate the house with a bit of seasonal charm.

    Using what I have, my vintage Pepsi crate, terra cotta pots, small plants and my clipboard art I created a spring vignette.

    A favorite vintage find, that was a gift from a sweet friend, the Pepsi crate adds a simple rustic touch to my spring vibe.

    A vignette is such an easy way to bring a seasonal look to a room.

    With just a few plants, a flower arrangement on the counter you’ve added that touch of spring oomph.

    Happy decorating everyone!

    An Inspired Easter Table Setting

    Sunday, April 4, 2021

    I’m pretty excited for spring.

    I love all the spring colors and flowers when they bloom. Of course living here in the high desert, I don’t have much that is ready to bloom. I am pretty happy to have some warm days to get outside and start to leg-up(exercise) my horse for some spring and summer ropings.

     Inspired by the season and the holiday we hold so dear, I am also happy to be able to create an Easter spring table using some spring bulbs that I can later plant in my garden!

    I used flowering potted bulbs in a pretty container to create a beautiful centerpiece to decorate my Easter table scape.

    Maybe The Perfect Spring Centerpiece

    A pretty centerpiece on the table is always a good thing- especially for Easter.

    There’s always a first time for everything, and for this first time, I tried my hand at planting some spring bulbs.

    I picked up some potted flowering bulbs at Home Depot. They came in 4-inch plastic pots and each pot had 3-4 bulbs. With several flower options available, I chose tulips. I chose a pretty pot to go with my tulips and turned them into a beautiful spring centerpiece and then used them again to create a garden-inspired spring tablescape.

    With a pretty stack of dishes, crystal glasses, candles, linens with a pop of color, and additional vintage pieces…

    I set the stage.

    Gathered Place Settings

    A table set with a dozen beautiful matching place settings?


    This is a mix and mingle of gathered vintage china.

    White Dishes Dressed for Easter

    My Dinnerware

    A little country style, a little rustic and refound, with a mix of old and new, but as equally pretty and inviting as a table set with a dozen matching vintage china plates.

    This is a gathering of patterns and silver flatware.

    Creating a tablescape is very much a building process. I started with the pink tulip color inspiration and built the tablescape from there.

    Think Outside the Box

    Maybe some different combinations…

    I added some bold linens… and gathered silver, heavy on the patina and vintage charm.

    With just a mix and mingle of different colors and textures for my own unique look.

    A Charming Tablescape Without A Lot of Fuss

    I wanted the place setting components of the table to be colorful but not overly done. My goal for the table as a whole is to be beautiful, but not complicated. I played with a number of napkin and plate combinations until I settled on the white with the dainty blue rimmed flower print and white combo setting along with bold pink and white striped napkins matching the tulips in the center.

    The white dishes are my everyday dinnerware.

    All just a little on the playful side.

     Easter celebrations are on the small side again this year- you can still set a pretty table, add a touch of whimsy and charm and enjoy a lovely at home celebration.

    Today it is all about a round-up of on the table ideas from my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

    I hope you enjoyed my pretty potted tulips and table setting.

    A charming tablescape without a lot of fuss.

    Happy Easter!

    A Junkin’ Treasure

    Friday, April 2, 2021

    Happy April!

    I can’t believe that we are already into the month of April!

    It’s junkin’ season!

    I just love rusty, crusty, treasures. Sometimes the shabbier the better.

    It’s trash to treasure!

    The rustic & refound that always sparks my interest. A. LOT!

    Sometimes the imperfections in something is what I fall for.

    These old rusty, crusty bed springs charmed me right away!

    They are simple in design and yet something about them just speaks a little fun.

    A little wonky & you can bend them to fit your design.

    The Thrill of The Hunt

    If I told you where I “dug” these up, you would probably think I was crazy. But you see, I love the outdoors and exploring back country roads is kind of a big deal. When you travel along those dusty trails in the desert and you happen to look out into the sagebrush and see the sunlight glinting off some broken glass and upon further inspection see some rusty cans, rusted out old dead cars, you can expect me to be applying the brakes.

    Yep, that’s where I found my junkin’ treasure.

    There they were just laying there in the desert dirt, looking at me with all that rusty goodness.

    I liked them so much, I packed up arm loads. And…that’s no foolin’.

    I imagined all the creative things that I could make with them.

    And so it begins…

    Vintage Bed Springs for Candle Holders

    A vintage bed spring centerpiece is a fun way to repurpose trash to treasure.

    Old rusty bed spring decor is such a novelty.

    The possibilities are quite endless when it comes to the use of old rusty bed springs. If you don’t believe it so, look out on the internet.

    I love the rusty patina they’ve earned from lying in the desert dirt.

    Along with the bed springs, these cute little bottles were also pre-desert dwellers.

    I love timeless pieces, even if it is an old rusty bed spring.

    They kind of provide a laid back charm from an era long gone.

    There they are on an old board, marching down the center of my table holding candles assisting with candle light ambiance.

    I enjoy using found objects to decorate my home.

    Weathered and rusty pieces create a timeless ambiance throughout the home. My passion for old things has always been with me. I like to mix the old with the new.

    The old bed springs & new candles.

    Continuing today in a joyful way, I enjoy the discoveries of treasures to share.

    The one thing that keeps me going year after year is the thrill of the hunt!

     I want my home to be filled with attractive arrangements of favorite finds that have been gathered through the years.

    My house might be eclectic. I don’t think I have a certain style.

    I love collecting and decorating with found objects. they add charm and interest.

    Some of my favorite things would be no value to someone else, but I love old paint, old weathered wood and old metal.

    These old bed springs, bottles of blooms, and a weathered board just fit the bill!

    I think I will keep reinventing some of my older pieces just to add interest.

    Along with my rusted treasures I think I will keep bringing in cuttings of flowers and foliage into my home to freshen the space. Even (gathered and foraged vines & wild dried clippings) a pretty fallen branch or twig makes an artistic statement.

    Thanks for stopping by Rustic & Refound today!

    Where I always enjoy sharing my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’