Mountain Adventures

July 12, 2022

Welcome to the July 4th adventures edition.

Yes, I’m just a little behind. However, I always love to share some of the beautiful scenery.

The fourth of July holiday weekend took us to the mountains, camping with family & friends. I have been trying to share our mountain adventures for the past week. However, the internet in my neck of the woods has not been very supportive. First, a new modem was required. Second, the internet service has been hit-n-miss on a daily basis. Very frustrating to pay for a service that is either so weak or it is completely shut down. After a repairman assisted with the internet connection & new modem, his advice was to purchase a Wi-Fi booster/extender. I guess that’s my next step. Until then I will keep trying to post.

Camping In the Jarbidge Mountains

We camped along the Jarbidge River.

Just chillin’.

The water was cold, folks. That snowmelt river runoff was cold! Even in the hotest part of the day.

Our campsite was surrounded by quaking aspen. It was nice to breath that fresh mountain air. Listen to the peaceful sounds of a babbling river, pick wildflowers for a beautiful bouquet, and roast marshmallows over an open campfire.

Wildflower bouquet

We sat by the fire in the evenings, relaxed by the river in the sunshine during the day, and also took in the mountain sites with our side-by-side travels. Nonetheless, we took the roads less traveled where the blue sky meets the land.

I love the Nevada mountains. They are a happy place for me. There is nothing more beautiful than mountain meadows, running streams of water, wild flora, the mountains, the pines, the quaking aspen, and the land of the sagebrush sea. So much nature all around- it is gorgeous!

As Far as the Eye Can See!

Roads less traveled
Nevada Mountains As Far as the Eye Can See

I always love the Nevada mountains. If you have never been- it is such an incredible state. If you get off the beaten path of the interstate there is always something to photograph. For me, it might be all the wildflowers.

If you haven’t noticed I kind-of love to photograph the wild Arnica and Lupine.


Our home away from home.

I’m not much of a tent camping sort of girl, but our roomy Kodiak canvas tent made the camping experience quite nice. Your home away from home should offer comfort and protection from the elements with rugged reliability and it did not disappoint.  

Kitchen – Shower Station

This sweet little set-up is a Joolca shower and kitchen station. The Joolca includes the HOTTAP portable water heater, which comes with a showerhead that can be used handheld or turned into a ceiling-mount in the shower tent. Wherever you can take a propane bottle, you can take the HOTTAP. Simply flick the switch and the hot water starts flowing. Just place the sturdy two-stage water filter into the nearest river, creek or lake and pump water up to 100ft to your campsite. It also has a faucet attachment for use with the blue sink. All this is included in your Nomad Kit.

I sound a bit like an advertisement but having this setup made my camping experience much more enjoyable. If you are a camper or maybe would like the camping adventure this is the stuff!

It looks a little dressed up with a bouquet of wildflowers…don’t you think? Home sweet camp.

Wildflower Bouquet

With all the beautiful wildflowers blooming it wasn’t hard to get help gathering blooms for this bouquet. Even my hubby got in on the gather. Everyone was on the hunt for the big blooms of Arnica (wild sunflowers). Once back to camp, using an empty bean can, I set out to create an arrangement. Not perfectly symmetrical, a bit on the wild side, but fits the theme of ‘Out Where the Wild Things Are.

Thanks to Polaris for our summer adventure.

I enjoyed the mountain drives and the beautiful scenery.

I hope you enjoy my sharing of some of my favorite views.

Let Freedom Ring!

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