Weekend Roundup – Home on the Range

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Welcome to the weekend roundup.

When I was growing up in Northern Nevada it was quite common to see the Basque herders moving their sheep from grazing range to grazing range.

So on our mountain travels to the high country, in the Jarbidge Mountains, I had to stop and take some photos of this nostalgic sight.

 Sheepherding in Northern Nevada arrived around 1841 when it was said that the first domestic sheep had traveled with wagon trains on their way to California.

During the gold rush, thousands of sheep were driven to California, across Nevada, to feed the miners. So this is a pretty old tradition and profession.

Herding Into The Sunset

On our way home around Charleston, Nevada this caught my eye.

Trailing the sheep home towards the winter range.

Just riding drag.

In summer the herders keep the sheep moving to fresher grazing and water everyday.

A herder and his dogs

Not only are sheep dogs great companions, sheep dogs are essential to the herder by protecting the sheep from predators and are great herders themselves.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Herder-n-dogs-@-dusk-in-NV-desert.jpg

This dog got a little excited when we slowed down for me to take photos. Needless to say, I didn’t get out of the vehicle while he was around.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is White-Sheep-dog.jpg

Even though I wanted to make friends with this pretty guy, I thought best not to since his job is protecting the sheep and they take their jobs seriously.

Beautiful dog!

Part of the Job

This herder (on horseback) is packing a lamb.

Maybe the lamb just got tired and laid down, so it’s given a ride.

Packing a lamb horseback might be a preferred qualification and responsibility.

Sheep graze in the Nevada mountains in the summer and Nevada deserts in the winter.

Keeping the flock together

The Flock

Sheep have always played an important role in the economic history of Nevada.

Family-run sheep ranches, large and small, have been and continue to be valued businesses in rural areas of the state.

I can even say that sheep have been a part of my rural heritage.

Range Grazing

Whether its sheep or cows, range land grazing is essential to the environment.

Sheep and cows clean up the grasses – grasses make great fuel for range land fires. Range land grazing helps reduce/eliminate the risk of fires.

We spent the day in Jarbidge visiting friends, eating, yard sailing, and taking in the sights of this small town. I think my favorite part of my trip is taking in this view of the sheep traveling to their new grazing area.

I hope these traditions never get lost!

Traditions have a very special way of keeping favorite memories forever in our hearts.”

I hope you enjoyed my weekend sights!

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