Autumn in the Butler Pantry

September 30, 2021

The Last day of September!

And, I’m baffled how the months just seem to fly by.

This has been an odd summer. First, the miserable heat. Second, the lack of rain, third, the terrible amount of smoke from our neighboring state, and the sinus infections that I have suffered from as a result. The list could continue, but I will stop there. I need to look at the sunny side!

I wanted to share with you a little autumn styling in the pantry.

The side you see when the barn door is open.

The butler side of my pantry is all about my collections on display.

Open storage display.

Shelves filled with my collection of white serve ware.

This is a little favorite spot for styling dishes for the season.

All year long there are various dishes on display and for autumn- metals and pumpkins are in the rotation.

I love a collected feel!

A Charming Collection

I gathered up the white dishes, stacks of plates, platters, bowls, teacups and more.

The pitchers and cake stands are all stacked on the shelves where vintage and new mingle side by side. By keeping the color scheme all one color, it creates a charming display while storing all of those pieces used everyday and on occasion. I used the concept of grouping similar items together.

All the cake stands and all the pitchers together.

I’ve mingled the few pieces of copper that I have collected along with my collection of white for my autumn decor. I love to sprinkle a touch of those warm tones with the pale neutral colors.

The pieces of copper add additional warmth and brightness.

Copper just might be a new obsession.

I have become such a fan of metals for the autumn season. It is so easy to incorporate those delicious tones into your decor. And the best part is- that when you aren’t using those pretty little mugs or copper pots- you can enjoy them on display.

Charming baskets are a favorite way to store items and keep them tucked away while keeping them easily accessible.

For me, autumn doesn’t always have to be in the traditional orange tones. 

I do love a few traditional orange pumpkins tucked in among the mums outdoors on the porch. 

Harvest Banner

 My harvest banner was made by me.

I saw this and copied. Well, you know? When your budget is short, you do the next best thing. I think this is a form of flattery to the original.

This is just another way that I have added a touch of autumn decor to my space.

Create a sense of beauty even in the mundane.

Stack Something

Stacks of plates and serve ware.

Anything else that stacks. This is a simple one- but something I have found to really work when it comes to open shelves. Often we just think of setting this on a shelf – but how it is set on the shelf can make a difference. Stacking things like plates or bowls adds height. Stacks add visual appeal and interest.

Storage can do double duty and be as pretty as it is practical.

A collection of wine stems tucked here and there.

Bring in The Metal

Silver. Gold. Copper. Or brass. And then repeat it so that it ties the various shelves and elements together. 

Real and Faux

I used a real and faux pumpkins throughout the open shelves for that touch of autumn…

added some golden grasses to a top pitcher for more texture and contrast.

Collect everything at a slow and steady pace.

This little space is a somewhat bright spot and it just tells me to decorate. I’ve shown it a couple of times in my blogging, but Autumn just seems to be the most natural to dress it up a with.

I hope you enjoyed my autumn decor in my very neutral pantry.

This is where I share a little bit of my wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin’.

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