Bring the Outdoors In – Spring Planting

March 7, 2023

Spring is right around the corner.

On sunny days when I’m outside I can hear the birds chirping just giving me all the spring feels. My horses are wanting to shed their winter coats as their hair is slipping.

I have the itch to get my hands in the dirt, but the weather here will not be ready for planting for another couple of months. We still have all this snow! I found the perfect solution to this problem…

Indoor spring planting…

On a grocery shopping excursion, I found a couple of these pink flowering hyacinths that needed to be put in dirt. That’s just what I needed to help chase these winter blues away.

This is a simple way to bring new life inside and welcome the spring season.

What I Did

  1. Choose you vessel – For me, that was shop my home first. Using a simple clay pot, I painted it dark using black, brown, and gray paint mixed with baking soda. I wanted the pot to have more depth and texture. Also, I loved the idea of a bright contrast. A little Rustic and Refound. If you know me… I often never leave anything alone.
  2. Choose your spring plant – Bulbs, seeds, or other flowering plant that is available in your area.
  3. Pebbles for drainage – I added pebbles that I purchased from a local craft store for additional drainage.
  4. Soil – Added potting soil, making sure the soil was moist.
  5. Planting – Planted the flowering bulbs leaving the top part of the bulb somewhat exposed.
  6. Moss – Added moss around the base (optional) for additional texture. I love the way moss looks around spring bulbs.
  7. Location – Select a location in your home to enjoy your spring planting. Preferably not in direct sunlight.


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