Spring Has Sprung!

Easter 2016

Black and White of Easter

Did I mention how excited I am for Spring?  Well I am! Today marks the day. This time of year seems to be such a refresh for me.

Oh, and it’s a typical Spring day. Unpredictable and windy!

I’m not sharing any of my junkin’ treasures, flowers, or the rustic and refound. Today I’m sharing another passion of mine. Cows…corriente cows and calves to be exact.

I have a few corriente cows. Corriente cattle are a breed of cattle descended from Spanish animals brought to the Americas in the late 15th century. They are primarily used today as sport cattle for team roping and rodeo events.

Well, for sport or not. They are my babies!

I think I once mentioned that I love cows and horses. Maybe just once.;) This is the time of year that my cows are putting calves on the ground and this makes me so excited to see such a beautiful gift. So this calf marks the first of the 2017.  Making its debut from one of my corriente cows.

1st Corriente 2017

I apologize for the blurry picture.

This cow, ahhh…still throwing cream/brown colored calves.

What the heck???:)

I’m sure glad that the calf was born in decent weather! I feel bad for the calves born in a freezing temps and snowstorms.:(

I want to share my girls. So here it goes…

5 and calf Easter

See those horns??? This is part of what makes them sport cattle for roping.

The size of corriente cattle is significantly smaller than that of most beef cattle.

Corriente cattle are also known as “easy keepers.” That is requiring little human intervention for calving and they can sustain themselves on less forage than beef cattle.

2016 calf

2016 Spring calf.

team roping

The sport of team roping.


This is the Willy the corriente bull. AKA – Dad.

Here’s to hoping all my cows were bred and with the new season all cows will have live births.


Last year’s heifers looking into our arena. So dang cute.;)

What’s next? Spring branding.

In case you don’t know… there’s an old saying that goes

“Trust your neighbors, but brand your cattle.”

Looking forward to days of sunshine, green grass, and time in the saddle.

Even if it is in the arena.

God Bless!


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