Four Little Pumpkins

November 1, 2022

Happy November 1st!

Can you believe we are only eight weeks until Christmas? I think they will be fast and short. Yes, and I’m still posting picks of pumpkin decor. Well, at this point I’m not sure who’s cooking Thanksgiving dinner, nor do I know where I will be eating it. True story. One would think that at my age this would all be figured out. Who would have thought?

Here at Rustic and Refound, I’m always in search of something easy to make. In this case I needed some gifts for door prizes.

Week before last I hosted a pumpkin craft night in the ole barn with some fabulous ladies. The girls made their own fence post pumpkins, where we shared laughs, creative ideas, ate cake and had some fun.

So here I go again searching through the wood pile for scraps of wood to make fall pumpkin decor.

These four little pumpkins are what I came up with for gifts of gratitude.

And… I took pictures of these cute little DIYs.

Four Little Pumpkins Sittin’ on a Fence

Four little pumpkins all in a row.

One little pumpkin with a leaf of green.

Three little pumpkins with leaves of the changing fall season.

Four little pumpkins made from discarded fence post.

Four little pumpkins surrounded with a sky of blue.

Just four little rustic fence post pumpkins sittin’ on a fence.

No, I wasn’t trying to rhyme. Keeping it short and sweet.;)

It’s still fall people. I cannot rush the season. I love autumn decor.

It’s that wonderful time of year between the hot summer and the cold winter that never lasts long enough! I never get enough pumpkin decor nor do I get enough roping out in the arena.

I hope you like the four little pumpkins and are still embracing the autumn season.

I don’t think the old timers rushed the fall season. This is the harvest season where food was harvested, gathered and stored for a possible long winter. Folks worked hard and this was a very busy time of year. The end of the harvest was celebrated with huge meal – Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day of the past represented a reverence, a time to realize how much our family meant to each other and how appreciative we were of our home, our hard-working parents, and to share with others our bountiful feast. There was great planning and effort put into our family holiday dinner. You know, we still have Thanksgiving. Savor the occasion.

Happy Autumn – harvest season!

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