Holiday Ornament DIY

December 20, 2022

Christmas Traditions

Yes, it’s Christmas week! I almost didn’t get this post done. I’ve been down with the crud for over a week now! It’s made all my Christmas traditions a loss of baking and gift giving. I’m still top side of the grass and working on kicking this bugs ass by taking my Ivermectin and other cold remedies while drinking gallons of water – determined to flush this from my body. I’m still here watching “Elf “and “Home Alone I &II” all on repeat! I don’t know if that’s the ticket or not, but that’s what I’m doing. This is real life friends!

At the beginning of the month, I started my holiday decorating and got the urge to create. The many Christmas traditions that I had with my mom came flooding back. Did you grow up with Christmas traditions? I did.

One of the many Christmas traditions in my family was to make Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. I think that making Christmas ornaments started because money was short, and we lived a great distance from a department store or a ‘Five and Dime.’ So, my mom would find materials that we could transform into holiday decor and ornaments. I think sometimes it was for holiday cheer or just to keep me busy.

I’ve been here decking the halls and working on some creative projects and once again, carrying on the making of Christmas decorations while recycling materials. It’s not for the lack of money or the long distance to town, it’s just because I find that all moments, we spend being creative are good for your mind and soul while touching on that bit of missing nostalgia.

Paper Ornaments

If you are on a small budget this year, decorating for the holidays can seem impossible. That is why creating Christmas ornaments for your tree or packages can become a tradition and/or a necessity.


Using paper towel and toilet paper tubes cut into 1/8-inch strips – I first creased the tubes on each side. Using a paper cutter, I cut the tube into strips and glued them together at an end fold to create a six-pointed star shape. I painted mod-podge on the shape where it would look frosted and covered it with glitter to add the bling.

There you have it. Ornaments with a little rustic flair with warm brown tones and sparkle.

Simple enough! Add string or hanger and you’re done.

If this isn’t up-cycling I don’t know what is? It’s more on the sparkle and less in the landfill and easy on the budget.

It’s not too late in the season to create some Christmas traditions with your family. If you have some, create some new traditions. They will go with your kids forever.

Merry Christmas “Ya filthy animal!”

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