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October 25, 2022

If you haven’t figured it out or haven’t been around here very long, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and has been since I was little. No “bones” about it, I’m a huge fan of Halloween! I always loved to dress in costumes and attend Halloween parties.

As an adult, I love to have fun with it in my decor. My personal love as an adult lies somewhere in between the gory and childish.  I want things to feel spooky and creepy, but beautiful. 

Halloween always makes me go for a dramatic look. I love it to be a bit creepy and spooky, a bit on the “glowy” side with the use of candles, and little chic -a little elegant. You know? A little “Creepy-chic.”

Flickering candles, glass cloches, and glitzy pumpkins.

Halloween around this hacienda starts with some deep dark elements. Dark elements in black. Like drippy black candles. Faux black grapes. Black books with a spooky title accessorized with black chains and black crows for perching. Black always brings the drama and the elegant and is perfectly accessorized with a little glam. Mercury glass and crystal candle holders are perfect for that little sparkle and glam.

A Bowl of Bones

I was looking for that eerie Halloween feel – you know, with a bowl of bones.

When it comes to seasonal decorating, I prefer to focus all of my attention on one area to really pack a punch instead of sprinkling items throughout the house. I concentrated most of my efforts to the dining space. Halloween is all about fantasy, so why can’t decorating for it be fanciful too?  

I was inspired by the idea of a somewhat glamorous witch using this space to entertain her guests and greet them with some spook-tac-u-lar finds. I covered the table with a black table runner embroidered with silver spider webs. In the mesh style metal bowl are natural elements Spanish moss, creepy pieces of bones and some twinkle lights. Mixing in on the table are curiosities, and some pretty candlesticks silver and mercury glass brings a look that has depth and interest. Some of this stuff is store bought, but a lot of it is just random things I’ve picked up at thrift stores, antique shops throughout the year.

Eye-ball Chic Décor

Eyeballs under a glass cloche. A perfect amount of creepy chic that I like for Halloween décor. You won’t believe that these are gourds that I painted eyes on! You know those weird items that often come in vase fillers? Well, I copied the idea, sort of, from Seeking Lavender Lane. Only she painted on vintage bocce balls. Bocce balls are not something that are easily accessible here. I just couldn’t bring myself to press the buy button from here. So, I made my own.

The Hutch

Some spooky details were added to the hutch. Mercury glass candle holders with gold candles, a gold frame with a skull picture, a large spider, books for potions, spider webbed teacup and a haunted house.

One of my favorite details may be this gold frame that I picked up at a thrift store and added this skull print.

Foraged From the Yard

A foraged grape vine wreath was gathered from the yard. Black ribbon and black gauze are added for a little spooky detail.


I kept the lighting moody with just candles.

Ghoulish Details

The mummy

A bony hand and some Spanish Moss.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. It probably goes without saying (I love autumn and halloween) but this looks amazing! Have you seen articles about that whimsigoth decor style? I just saw it today!

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