Vintage Blue and White For Brunch

Friday, May 21, 2021

On the table, collected blue and white china with lavender topiaries for a pretty brunch with some favorite ladies.

Sometimes setting the table for a get-together is a little like staging for a play. I often spend countless hours imagining and designing the table to create a little bit of drama. Yes, the food maybe first, then the flowers, and the final is the arranging of all the details of each place setting.

Flickering Candle Light

Next up might be the dash of ambiance with the flickering candles to add in that sprinkle of magic and pretty.

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The ambiance and setting is the most important.

It tends to create laughter and conversations that will linger and be most memorable.

A pretty table setting and and layout of the meal speaks volumes to your guests, and tells them that you have spent some time on their arrival and how important it is to host their gathering.

Your guests just might ask, “What’s the celebration?”

Even the most ordinary of days is a perfect day to celebrate laughter and friendship.

Center Stage

Keeping it simple with a layering of flickering candles and some dried artichokes… just to keep it green.

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Vintage China

My table is set with my vintage blue and white china. A collection of pieces that I started over 31 years ago.

Maybe a bit of a hodgepodge collection, but a collection of Blue Willow all the same.

You would never know that these piece of china were collected. Not a purchased set, but gifted and thrifted from years gone by.

The sweetest inspiration comes from the smallest of details and everyday things that are always there… A whimsical collection of blue and and white china layered with crisply folded blue napkins, some thrifted green goblets, dried artichokes, flickering candles, and a vintage crocheted runner.

The End Result

Fleurs – Lavender topiaries

One of the most essential table details, flowers. They set the stage. Their color palette and style dictate what jewelry (china) will be added.

The lavender topiaries, because of their height are set at the end of the table as to not block faces and conversations.

So often, we save out pretty table settings for special events, but it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to bring out some vintage china, light a few candles, and add some cheer. Celebrate the simple pleasures of life of friendship and laughter.

Just some inky blue at its best! I just can’t resist some blue and white china! They are so striking. I will forever love…

I hope that today’s post inspires you to indulge and set the table with some pretty china, light a few candles, and invite some friends.

Happy Friday!

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