A Creepy Chic Halloween Tablescape

October 30, 2021

Halloween time is here!

Dem Bones Are Being Served Up In Style!

Halloween is such a festive time for kids and adults alike. Whether you decide to keep it just fun or add some scary thrillers, there are some fun, ghoulish ideas sure to please your friends.

Today, I wanted to throw your way a little spooky and fun table decor ideas if you plan on hosting a Halloween party.

Let’s get started!

When it comes to the Halloween party tablescape, you have to think of a couple different areas on the table: the centerpiece and the personal set up. The centerpiece should be a cluster of spooky items such as a skull and bones served up on a silver platter.

Try and think elegant with an eerie presence.

Layer It On!

Start with the table centerpiece.

Maybe a dark table runner of most anything. Let your imagination be your guide.

Maybe a platter of bones.

Creep it real my friends!

Add Another Layer

A very easy way to go from cute to creepy is just to use candles. 

Remember that ambiance I have talked about?

Glowing candles can be the candlelight for the romance formula or add that spooky, haunted chilling factor. You decide!

Keeping the lighting moody with candles and strings of lights.

When setting the table, try to stick to black, gold, or even silver plates. Feel free to do them all one color or alternate colors of black and silver or black and gold. Use vintage glasses and silverware. I used silverware with a worn patina. This will add in that chillingly creepy look. If you can stick with hauntingly beautiful decor pieces, it will create a creepy chic effect.

Can You Tell My Theme?

No bones about it!

Black dinner plates, small skeleton plates for appetizers, gold rimmed goblets for glam,

and vintage silver. Creepy chic table decor.

I brought out some vintage silver and mercury glass votives to hold more twinkling candles.

I added the black ravens for more of that touch of spooky.

A simple spooky and a little bit elegant Halloween table.

Don’t forget to add some other Halloween charm to your table, like a hairy spider and a black velvet pumpkin.

This is my simple, creepy chic Halloween table.

Happy Haunting!

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