My Salvage Style

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Lilacs in bent bucket 6-18-19


I have a great love for old things because they bring so much life

and interest to a home.

With dents and all!

Old things have a history and a story to tell.


lilacs in bent bucket3 6-18-19


I like to think about the hands that have touched the object,

where it was and how it was used in its past life.


Lilacs with taper 6-18-19


I especially love using salvage finds to decorate with.

A worn piece of galvanized metal,

or repurposed and vintage items like old rusty buckets.

To me this is totally charming and adds warmth to a room.


lilacs2 on dining table 6-18-19


Think Outside the Box

On a treasure hunting trip, I picked up this vintage bucket

with a great rustic patina –

with all its metal goodness and sweet wire and wooden handle.


bucket with bale 6-18-19


When I see things that catch my eye,

I immediately think, “How can I use it in my home?”

Well, with flowers of course!


Lilacs in a bowl 6-18-19


Because I didn’t get enough of my lilacs when they were in their prime,

I couldn’t resist cutting more as they begin to fade

and go out of season-pairing them with my salvaged treasure.



lilacs on table 6-18-19


Regardless of their fading, rustic appearance they still smell amazing!

What do you think of the mingling of fading lilacs and a chippy bucket?


rusty bucket 6-18-19


Chippy bucket, fading lilacs, and flickering candles…

to me, pretty much a total win!


flickering candles 6-18-19


Anyone else love flickering candles?

Candles are always a good idea.


candle in front of lilacs 6-18-19


My salvage style is a mix of vintage goods.

Maybe a mismatched curation

and a little DIY,

like my horseshoe candle holders.

Happy Tuesday!

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