DIY Dried Fruit Potpourri

January 21, 2019


What’s a girl to do on a snowy day?

Woke up to a bit of snow!


On the weekends, I like to open a window and let the fresh air in.

I’m kind of a ‘Fresh-air kind of girl.’

With new snow on the ground and covering everything,

the air was a bit too crisp for open windows.

So I found a Scent-sational idea.


flowers and potpourri


Since I like my home to smell fresh, I discovered the idea of making

homemade potpourri.

I like the kind of potpourri that sits around in a bowl,

looking pretty, and letting off its wonderful sent.

Homemade potpourri costs less than buying it at the store,

and you get to customize it yourself.




Finding a bit of fruit that was beginning to look past it’s prime;

oranges, lemons, and an apple, I sliced each fruit into 1/8″ to 1/4″ slices.


Apple Slices

apple slices


Orange slices



Orange and Lemon slices


oranges and lemons


I Set the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

I used a cookie sheet and lined the cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Laying apple slices on one baking sheet and the citrus slices on another.

The apples bake up  and dry much quicker than the citrus fruit.

The apples will turn a tan color and will feel a bit leathery.


dried apples


I baked the citrus fruit for about 1 hour longer.

Bake the fruit for 1/2 hour, and turn each slice.

Continue this process until you get the look and feel you like.

The citrus take longer.

I continued to turn the fruit every 1/2 hour.

The rinds will harden and the center of the fruit becomes somewhat translucent.

After drying the fruit slices, you can mix up your ingredients…

making your potpourri.


Layering in apples and oranges.

dried apples and oranges

dried apples and oranges 2


Added cinnamon sticks

2 – 4 cinnamon sticks, breaking them in half.

w-cinnamon sticks


Added whole cloves

I didn’t measure the amount of cloves.

Just poured in a healthy amount to my liking.


Last, added Bay Leaves

4 – 10 bay leaves.

This too, was to my preference.

final potpourri 2final potpourriw-bay leaves

Mixing it altogether, I placed it in one bowl for a larger impact.

Looks great, smells great!

Smells great while you are baking the fruit!

Alternative Stovetop Potpourri

In a small sauce-pan, add orange slices, lemons, 1-2 tablespoons of whole cloves,

a couple of bay leaves, and cinnamon sticks.

Fill your pan about half way with water

and simmer on the stove.

You will have to keep adding water to the mixture

for as long as you like simmering.


…a little wild west stylin’ for Wild West living.


  “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

― Anna Wintour





Upon A Winter’s Day

January 13, 2019



Winter has me feeling a bit uninspired…

It’s January.

The days are shorter and cold.

What do you do upon a winter’s Sunday

when Old Man Winter has laid a blanket of pogonip upon your world?





venture out into the cold

and snap a few pictures of course!




Driven out into the cold with curiosity


by the dusting of ice needles in the frosted world.


As the world lies in frozen fog…

all feels heavy and quiet in contemplation.




What will I see, what will I hear?




Will I see Jack Frost nipping at my nose?





I feel like I should be in a poem written by Robert Frost.


As the day comes quietly to a close…


The bulls feed quietly in the fading evening light.




I will venture back inside to the warmth and light.




Dream of days …


Sunshine and roses!



Happy Sunday!

~Rustic and Refound

My mission in life

is not merely

to survive,

but to thrive;

And to do so with some passion,

some compassion, some humor

and some style

-Maya Angelou

Trickin’ Out My Retreat

October 30, 2018

lady bronc rider

My Whimsical Halloween

This is just a post about my Halloween decor indoor and outdoor.

Halloween isn’t truly a holiday, but it is one of my favorite celebrations to decorate.

I don’t have a lot of decor in my house right now.

We have packed up and put most everything in storage for our adventure in building a new home.

This made my Halloween decorating a bit more fun.

A bit less complicated.

I put a little Halloween Whimsy here and there.


 Decor on the Hutch

October hutch


Decor on the buffet.

Old Encyclopedias with gilded pages were used for staging.

I love using old books in my decor. Especially those with great character.

Added a haunted house and a spook or two.


Boo Haunted House 2018


Bats hover eerily over the vignette.

(I created my own bat cut-outs.)


Buffet Boo


A pumpkin-shaped cloche with twinkling lights adds seasonal flair along with the candlelight.


Skeletons 2018 Halloween


A Trio of skulls for spooky effects.

 Glass pumpkins, candles flickering, twinkling string lights add lots of ambiance in the house.

A little Elegant Halloween here and there.


Buffet Halloween


For a bit on the Spooky Halloween side – a bony hand tucked into the vignette.

spooky hand halloween 2018


This setting is full of ‘halloween’ ambiance.


More Spooky Halloween Outdoors

On Halloween, welcome trick-or-treaters in hair raising style by adding a ghoul…


goul 2018


And …


Creep it real mat


Pumpkins, mums, and more twinkling lights add to the Halloween theme.


Halloween Porch 2018


Lanterns and candlelight keep it moody.


Pumpkin and Lantern 2018 Porch


Added a bit of rustic charm with my Junkin’ Jack.


Junkin' Jack 2018


Candle light gives Junkin’ Jack a more rustic glow.

A little Rustic and Refound.


Junkin' Jack-O-Lantern 2018


Welcome to my porch.


Yellow bucket Halloween 2018

A little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west livin’.

Happy Halloween!!!


It’s A Galvanized Thing!

August 10, 2018

Milk Cooler close


I’m a junker and love junking.

I love the thrill of the hunt, at finding that perfect piece of junk,

as much as finding that perfect something you can’t leave without!

This would have been one of those times I went junking that I looked at this galvanized something and decided that I needed it.

I love galvanized anything!

I love galvanize buckets!

Galvanized buckets are so darn cute


filled with so much rustic charm!


D-Room with a view


I love finding that perfect vintage treasure.

It seems, I always envision galvanized buckets with flowers.

The perfect combination!

A little something rustic and a little something pretty.

Maybe it’s a floral affair;)


Vintage Milk Coolers and Flowers


Milk Cooler4


On one of my junking expeditions, I came across this vintage something.

It looked a bit like a galvanized garbage can.

I was told by the seller of this vintage treasure that it was an old milk cooler.

The inside is lined with styrofoam.

Milk coolers were used on the stoops or front porches and when the milk man arrived, he left the bottles of milk in coolers to keep the milk cool.

This is what I was told.




Even with the splattering of paint on the front…

I took it home.

It has been left as is, not to destroy it’s rustic character.


Milk Cooler 2


I’m kind of just loving it as is!

What do you think?

I think I might put flowers in anything.


Milk Cooler up close1


Used as a vase for fresh cut flowers in my dining room


stacking it on an old pink bench…

Milk Cooler8


I think it looks a bit cute.


Milk Cooler and chair


A little Rustic and Refound!

I have a multitude of things that it will be used for when not holding a jar full of flowers.

A little wild west stylin’ for wild west livin’!


Happy Friday!



Oh Hey August…

August 6, 2018


I have been MIA for a bit.

Missing… Maybe because the summer heat has had me preoccupied with keeping things wet around my yard and escaping to the air-conditioned house.

Missing…  I took a little break and just rode my horse and roped in my backyard.

Missing … I traveled to Cheyenne, Wyoming for a team roping with my hubby and a bit of rodeo funsies.

After being away for a few days, I returned refreshed and ready to tackle new projects and the unfinished  projects at home like this little chair.

chair bones


You know when something speaks to you? When it tells you to do something fun?

This little something demanded some attention.

Attention in the name of vibrant colors, fun pattern, something bold even for it’s size.

It wasn’t just this naked chair frame when I found it.

It was laying outside on the ground in the frozen dirt, quiet forgotten, wearing old shabby fabric attire.

This little something was just waiting for someone to see the potential.

The yellow finish was worn away in spots and peeling in others.

If you don’t know me, I kind of have this thing for chairs… maybe an obsession;)

I loved the shape of the frame and the curve of the leg with it’s great bones…

and… It was free.

I fell in love! It was mine, all mine! If I would just take it home and get it out of the yard.


Before chair1

With an idea in mind, I set to work on this little number.

I stripped away her stained and tattered fabric,

pulled out the million and one staples holding it all together

until she sat all naked and afraid and without a lot of detail.


chair 2


With a quart of bold turquoise paint, I transformed the frame from soft spoken, from maybe a whisper to something shouting.

Something loud and and proud!


Turquoise chair1

There was a great deal of tinkering.

Mixing the paint, painting, and sanding the bones to distress the newly painted surface.

I distressed the painted bones here and there.

Gave the distressed areas and the rest

of the frame a bit of gel stain to tone down the “in-your-face” turquoise.

The fabric I chose was this authentic Mexican serape blanket.


florals and Serape chair


I wanted this to be a happy piece of something.

The Mexican culture has inspired our desire for bright colors and a fiesta attitude.

With a $20 serape blanket stapled to the frame and a can of turquoise paint, I put a little

fun and fiesta attitude into this chair.

Serape Chair


Perfect as an accent chair to add a pop of color to any room.

Maybe I will serape everything;)


Serape Chair2


With abounding color…

Back of Serape chair1

and a jar full of flowers…

Florals and chair3

What can I say about this chair other than where’s my margarita?!!

It’s bright, fun and loaded with personality.

This vintage arm chair has received the makeover needed.

Like a little wild west stylin’ for a little wild west living.

A little rustic and refound.


    “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

― Anna Wintour

Happy Monday!

Lilac Season to Branding Season

June 21, 2018

Just a month ago the lilacs were blooming and my corriente cows were calving.

If the blooming of lilacs and branding calves were a season,

I’m pretty sure they would be one of my favorite!

With that said…

I love the Spring and Summer seasons.


Lilac bush


Did you know that lilacs are just small florets,

or tiny flowers that make up the larger lilac flower head?

This particular variety shown is a double lilac.

This lilac has a heavy intoxicating scent with

variegated lavenders and varying shades of purple.


The love of lilacs was passed down from my grandmother to my sweet momma,

 both grew beautiful flowers and lots of lilac bushes.

My mother had a small grove of lilac bushes.

When I moved and got my own home, I dug up a small root from her lilac bush and planted it.

Now after about 20 years, from that small clipping, I have my own lilac bush.


Basket of lilacs1


I have several types planted in my yard. Including white.

Every Spring the lilacs bloom and fill the yard with their delicate scent.

Just cutting a few of these beauties…


lilacs and chair1


and… so, snapping a few photos was in order.


lilacs 2018


If the scent from the lilacs wasn’t enough,

the flowering plum trees had begun to drop their flower petals.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1879


The sight and scent from both was amazing.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1877


By the way… this chair is getting a face lift;)

In other words a much needed paint job.


lilacs in chair


I took a few more pictures of these blooming beauties with THAT chair.


Moore 2018 Pictures 1878


A simple bucket of blooms:)

lilacs on chair background



Lilacs in the sink getting a drink:)


Moore 2018 Pictures 1893


From lilacs to branding time/season.


lilacs in crystal vase2


Remember I talked about branding season?

From gardening to raising corriente cows.

Just sharing my hobbies.

Just a few pics of calves who will get a brand this season.

These little guys are so fun to watch.


Moore 2018 calves


They love stretching their legs for a good run.

#Ropingcattle #Corriente 

Their built for speed.


red bull calf 2018


This little guy has a ‘milk nose.’

Black calf 2018


Mammas And Their Babies.


Cows and calves 2018


To me, there’s nothing like a mother’s love or touch.



Cow n calf 2018

Sharing some random thoughts and profound living from Rustic and Refound.

Have a Blessed Day!


Just Some Random Thoughts and Things!

March 13, 2018


“A gracious woman attains honor…”



“Ladies, your strength lies not in being equal with the men – but in being unique. Feminine but strong. Smart, but discreet. Gracious, gentle, classy. Take care of your skin. Ride hard and speak soft, and never be ashamed of your femininity. God created you perfectly.”

                                                                                                 ~author unknown

Loved these words. Thought they celebrated women everywhere!


Dedicating this post to this black horse, “Blackie.”


black horse.

A day of randomness…

Not saying a lot.

Reflection and inspiration.

 In need of courage.

This message is something I felt that I needed to share.

I was given this message from a beautiful former student as a gift of kindness.

She had remarked that this was how she saw me.




This has become such an inspiration to me, that I have kept it with a book of Scriptures I read regularly and think of her kind nature.

We can never run out of kindness.

It’s an easy gift and one that changes all!


Sharing some Rustic and Refound, A Different Container for Flowers,


Sight Lines.

You might know that I have a slight obsession with flowers.

It may not be much of a surprise.

But when you get tulips for Valentines Day and you have no container that fits the bill… you start looking for the unexpected.

Tulips are long stemmed making it difficult to find the perfect fit.

Here’s to teapots with broken lids.

Teapot + Water = Tulips:)


A Different Container for Flowers


tulips in teapot


Then you begin to play.

“More is more and less is a bore!”     

                       Iris Apfel

And the play just keeps going.:)

And, I’ll add…

My coffee in one of my favorite blue and white cups.

Because who doesn’t love blue and white dishes with pink???





Rustic and Refound

I love old books!

They make the best display stands!

They are my rustic and refound!


Tulips and cup3


Old books look good anywhere you put them.

They are kind-of-like an old friend.

Good anywhere they are found.

I like to collect old books.

Books with great color, and great titles.

Even tattered and torn!


roses on a book2


More Rustic and Refound

Trash to treasure.



While out riding in the hills sometime ago, checking my cows,

I found this piece of rusted out metal. My first guess that it was an old rusted out enameled pot.


Still not sure of it’s former life, but saw this piece as a frame for a mirror.

This is one of my rusty, crusty, treasures a true Rustic and Refound.

Sight Lines

Just what you want to see when you come through the door.

More flowers;)

Flowers are so inviting!


D-Room with a view


My sight lines are small.

Things that draw you in!

An unexpected flower container.

Icecream Bucket


Not a design principal, but a display.

Imagery says it all.




Happy Tuesday y’all!

Winter’s January



January 29, 2018


Winter’s January the quietest month of all, but that doesn’t mean that nothing is going on.


Freezing cold temperatures spur me to think about our furry and feathered friends. As an owner of livestock, horses and cows I  know the effects that winter can have on them.

winter pic

This time of year, I tend to think of other animals as well.

With a fresh coat of snow falling on the ground, I think about the challenges that our

outdoor neighbors face.

The temperatures are hovering around freezing or below, the ground is  covered in snow, and the food sources diminished.

This reminds me to feed my animal and bird friends.


Bird seed


I’ve taken to focus on the sweet birds that hang around the trees and brush of my country home.

What is their favorite morsel? Why, feed with sunflower seeds of course!


Bird feed

How do I prepare?

With a small galvanized bucket and scoop by the door.

Easy access and ready to feed my country friends every winter morning.

Although the wildlife and birds will survive without your intervention, by putting food out for the birds in the wild will encourage them to visit you on a more regular basis.


Bird seed2

Half the fun in encouraging wild birds to your

garden is that you never know what variety of bird will visit next.

Here’s to all of us staying warm and well fed!

Happy Monday!


“The snow doesn’t give a soft white damn whom it touches.”
–  E. E. Cummings


 I am neither promoting or endorsed by Pennington. All opinions are my own.

A New Year…New Challenges


Welcome To The New Year!

January 15, 2018

I’m setting a goal to step outside my comfort zone

and push boundaries in 2018.




It’s a New Year, to have a fresh start. I love that!

Opportunities to grow.

Winter always makes me look forward to the upcoming year. Shear anticipation of what lies ahead makes me happy.

A bit of uncertainty, A bit of fear, Fear of failure, but excitement for changes.

Taking some risks, but taking baby steps. Looking before I leap.

Taking steps no matter how big or small, will help you get to where you are going.

I have been blessed and I am grateful for all of life’s blessings that came in 2017.


A girl can dream…




Dreaming of new opportunities.

Where the sky is the limit.

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”

~Henry Miller


Anticipation of defining Moments~




Looking for that ‘Christmas kind of feeling.’

I have heard it said that if you simply start taking steps in a direction – you might find

yourself in a place you are meant and want to be.

In 2018, I plan on following my heart and chasing my dreams.

Taking some baby steps and maybe a few bigger ones too.





Believe you can.



FullSizeRender (9)


Never give up. Don’t be a quitter!

Words from my Dad. A brave and fearless man. (At least I thought.)

Just knowing that the possibilities are endless…

Knowing that you have the potential to make things happen is an enlightening start.

Re-evaluate goals.

Dream those dreams, and push those boundaries.






Look at what you have accomplished.

What have you learned,

What do you want to learn.

What will you do when you get there.

One thing for sure, believe in you!


Wishing friends and family a happy, healthy and wonderful 2018!


All Hallows’ Eve ~ Halloween



October 26, 2017


It’s almost Halloween….




When we lean towards the decor that is a bit creepy and spooky!

 When Halloween vignettes abound.




Are you ready?:)

Have you made plans for a Halloween party?

I love the Halloween decor you can buy and those things you can make.

Have you picked the perfect Halloween décor and pumpkins for carving?

Searching Pinterest  for Halloween decor will provide you plenty of inspiration.




Did you buy your candy corn for the trick-or-treaters?



Did you find the perfect costume?

A creepy Halloween Wreath for my door!

Halloween Wreath


I’m sharing a few of my Halloween inspirations today.

A little pillow with ghostly – inspiration!…




My hand-made Halloween.

Chalkboard tombstones.

Halloween 2


How do you get into the Spooky Spirit?

With all eyes on Halloween….



How do you trick out your house?



A little Rustic and Refound…

 Candle holders with candles waiting to be lit.


candle holders


Other Seasonal vignettes around the house…

More rustic and refound.

What do you do with an old crusty rusty pepsi crate?:)


Black pumpkin


On another note…

A bit more on the elegant side of the season and Halloween…

Fiery roses in a bucket, candle light, and pumpkins.


Bucket and candle


When black cats prowl

and pumpkins’ gleam

may luck be yours

on Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!