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February 13, 2023

Simple Gatherings… Found in Nature, Foraged Vines

Simple grapevines clipped from my yard. Fashioned into a symbol of love.

I gathered natural grape vine that grows up within a lilac bush found in my yard. The lilac bush was a transplant from a neighbor over 20 years ago. In the summer months it adds a little bit of that wild look to the lilac bush that I so love. I think – maybe it was just meant to be there – a tangling of vine.

small grapes
Source of my inspiration
Royal purple

I love the inspiration that this grapevine has provided me. Using what’s left from the changing of seasons.

Gathering & Assembly

You will need:

  • Garden shears
  • small gauge wire – florists wire
  • vine
  • Faux flowers or real
  • Ribbon

Vines past their prime that need new life.

Step 1. Begin by fastening the bottom ends of the grapevine together with wire

Step 2. Return to the top of your grapevine ends and bend them down towards the middle or end where you first fastened- wired the grapevine. Create the heart shape and again wire this in place.

Step 3. Using wire to connect the two top loops for a more heart shape.

Final Steps

Choosing what you want to add to your foraged vine heart wreath.

Winter continues to spur me towards creativity – maybe towards a touch of spring. With some small pink posies and a piece of gathered ribbon I finished it off in my rustic and refound style. You shouldn’t expect less from me when designing such pieces.

From Humble Gatherings

Maybe I’m a builder with the decay and deem it as art. I’m not quite sure …I think it’s more of me being a bit sassy about winter. Winter has such a way of humbling us. I think my little heart vine wreath says… Where there is winter… spring is sure to follow.

Just a little heart shaped wreath that has made its way around the house in a “Love You February.

Happy Monday! I hope your week is filled with love.

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