The Little Step Ladder That Could

March 24, 2022

Remember this?

My little muse? A step ladder that received new beginnings. A renewal! Well, it is all finished. Paint – touched up, distressed in all the right spots, and given a bit of wax to finish.

How to Use and Decorate with a Small Vintage Step Ladder

Little step ladders are not just little step ladders! They can be used in a multitude of ways in a multitude of spots. They are such great display pieces and are quite functionable to use as a side table to hold your favorite beverage, a few candles, and a small bouquet.

Maybe used as a side table in your living space for that perfect cup of tea.

In the Kitchen

Perfect for the farmhouse kitchen with some French country charm; holding a basket of flowers and a cute towel.

In the Bathroom

 I put it in the bathroom and absolutely love it here.

It holds candles. Soap. A towel. It absolutely does triple the duty.

Mudroom Area

Such a great display space for a basket of flowers or a potted plant, and frees up my counter.

Such a little charmer. Maybe not for climbing because of her wonky not so level legs and wobbly structure, but definitely has character. A little French country meets my ranch style.

A hard worker I’m telling you. With lots of optimism it has become my little step ladder that could!

Happy Thursday!

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