The Fun of Gardening for Flowers

Thursday, June 13, 2017

lady bronc rider

My Country Garden

Time to recreate!


Country Garden

I enjoy gardening and so love country gardens and cottage gardens.

I love gardens overflowing with beautiful flowers. Simple, rustic, and filled with beautiful blooms is  my thing.


front view

Making my yard beautiful from the winter has become a slow process and I’m behind. Way behind!!!:/

My wine barrels are boring!

My gardens are just getting started. Some of my favorite blooms are bright and bold.

Purple iris and columbine:)


Iris and yellow columbine


Beautiful blooms all mingling together.

single purple iris


And a lot of them!



Columbine anyone?:)


Columbine flowers come in many different colors including bi-colored blooms. I love the lacy, green leaves. These perennials seem to propagate themselves. Sometimes in unwanted places. Nonetheless, they bloom pretty flowers. Hard to beat that.


Even by the bird bath.

bird bath


Peonies please!:)


flower bed 2

Sigh, and my single bloom peony. 


This cute pinkish-red peony offers lush single blooms with a cheery yellow center.:)


top view of peonies


Anything flowers… And more flowers.


Things that speak to me. I’m talking that old rusty, crusty look of weathered and worn… The graining of wood or rusty metal.

For adding extra charm.

Simple wooden barrels… wine barrel planters.

Just a peek.;)

Wine barrels



Such a pretty plant that provides loads of tall thin spikes of  bold color.


Whiskey barrel



What I do for fun… DIY galvanized fountain


Water Trough/Stock Tank Fountain

Water trough fountain


PINK – coneflower/black eyed Susan;)

Pink Black eyed susans2

A peek back to the front.

What do you like to incorporate into your garden?

Pink Black eyed susans


From The Outside In


Turquoise box

In need of a bit of inspiration!

Something handmade.

Wooden box painted turquoise with rusty horseshoes.


Add white flowers…

Bringing the outdoors in.

Blooming table centerpiece.


box of flowers


#Wooden box/centerpiece/#planter #horseshoe-handles #Iloveit!:)


Turquoise box


Some Rustic and Refound!


Horseshoe handle

I’d say this is a win-win!:)

Happy Tuesday!

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