A Feathering of The Nest

Saturday, March 13, 2021

So, I’m sharing some more touches of spring.

Maybe feathering my nest a little bit more.

It’s a spring thing!

Do all women do this, feather their nest more so in the spring?

Spring always inspires me for a renewal!

Aren’t women amazing?

How we can change with the seasons?

Among other things, women are phenomenal!

Now that we have been given a few spring-like days of beautiful weather…

I thought I would share a little entry-way area and another spring-y vignette.

This little spot is always a bit awkward for it’s position and lighting, but thought I would give you a peek of how I decorate this little area.

Lots of what you might see include thrifted and found items that have been ‘re-founded‘ by me.

 I always love a good cowhide rug. I have it on the floor and have it on the recovered seat of this black chair. The cowhide usually remains in this spot. It’s the first thing you see as you enter from the front door. I think it speaks a little about me and my style.

I added this nest piece of art from a free printable to the entryway and a few other items to work into a spring ‘Nesting‘ theme. Although, I think the art may end up in another room once I swap out this vignette(maybe a bathroom), I love how it looks in here for right now.

To work into the nest theme, using an old found bed spring and a piece of architectural salvage, I elevated a bird nest and some blue eggs. I kept the color pallet neutral & added a touch of spring with the yellow pillow, a purchase from Marshalls.

Not having any florals at the time, I decided that it was acceptable to forage my yard for some twigs cut from a bush since it’s not officially spring.

Foraged plant vine arranged in a vase. I’m all about free!

A little rustic and a little refound!

Adding a stack of books to elevate a couple of small things, like the small bird and bed spring nest, this gives them a little more presence to the space.

A Paper Feather Wreath

To the wall mirror, I layered on a book-page, feather wreath made from an old book.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding this Thesaurus told me that it had been well used by many novice writers. When I brought it home in it’s poor state of condition, pages falling out and with the binding in bad state of repairs, I decided that another life for it could & should be a possibility.

If you are wondering where I came up with the paper feather wreath project, Look no further. This feather wreath project came from the sweetest and craftiest blogger,  KARIANNE at Thistlewood Farms. To make this paper feather wreath, Karianne has outlined some very detailed steps here at https://thistlewoodfarms.com/how-to-make-a-paper-feather-wreath/. Karianne provides an alternative to the use of book pages using pretty scrapbook paper if no old books are around.

My book, Thesaurus, past it’s prime, now lives on in my wreath.

Spring sunshine, green grass growing, temperatures on the rise, and birds chirping.

A seasonal renewal!

Things that make your heart happy!

Happy Spring!

I hope I’ve inspired you to feather your nest!

A little wild west stylin’ for my wild west livin.’

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