The Act of Kindness


Friday, January 17, 2020


“Kindness: A simple idea with significant impact.”




Open The Gate and Come On In…


open gate distant


Today I want to talk about the topic of being kind.

We always hear and see the quote, ‘kindness is free so spread it around.’

In fact that is pretty true.

To me, kindness is something that this world could certainly use more of.



open gate1

However, I feel that some people are a bit confused

about what being kind is and what being kind includes.

To me, the act of being kind is associated with being friendly,

generous, and considerate.

All of these are characteristics which are associated with being kind

can be linked to respect.

Am I right?



Arena 2


I recently read this statement by Maya Angelou

and feel that it fits into my philosophy.

“The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving

with passion and compassion and humor

and style and generosity and kindness.”



What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Was it a gift, an action, an encouraging word spoken just at the right time?

Kindness is often best expressed with thoughtful intentions.

Being kind can be shown through respect and following through with simple promises.

Promises made, promises kept.

Kindness is not always what we know, it’s what we show.

Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they pretend to be.

People feel the act of kindness when an overt action

touches them in a deep and personal way.

What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Was it something from a family member, friend? Or by a total stranger?

                “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”                                                                                                                               source unknown
Kindness is in our power.

Don’t just speak it, do it!


kitties 2019

Thanks for visiting my blog.

OOXXs ~ Tammy


A Floral Note

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


roses upclose

Is your husband a welder?

If not, do you know one?

Well my husband is a welder by trade, so

what I’m going to show you won’t surprise you.


Roses in can

When arranging flowers,

I like to add the quirky and different

on containers.

I’m always looking for a sensible, cost effective solution.

So sticking with my rustic and refound sensibility…

and while out scouring in the shop/barn

I ran across this mostly empty

welding rod container.

Roses in can4

Well, in all of it’s rusty goodness, I saw potential.

Into the house it went to get a bit of cleaning up

with a soft cloth and a bit of soap and water.

Having these pretty pink roses from the market,

I decided to make a statement on an old rusty container.

roses welding can and candles

To my husband’s dismay the rusty container

not only held the pretty pink blooms,

but it was in. the. house!


roses welding can 2 - 1

I simply added to the inside of the metal can

a tall cylinder vase to contain the water and roses.

I then staged it all with candles and old encyclopedias on my buffet.

roses in welding can2

I hope you like my post on using the rustic and refound.

“I don’t exist to impress the world.

I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.”

I think my rusty can adds a bit of ‘wild west styling for a bit of wild west living.’

Thanks for checking in on my blog and story.



Perspectives, Point of View, and Gratitude

January 9, 2020

salmon roses and candles2


The first month of the new year.

Maybe a time for renewal.

A time for reflection,

and a time to look at things in a different way,

with a new point of view.

salmon roses in tool box2

2019 brought some good significant changes in my life,

beginning with my career.

I officially retired.

I retired from education,

and now I’m looking to the horizons for something new.


evening view2


we officially began the build of our new home.

salmon roses 1-2020

Since we are over a week into the new year and

after much thought about filling the pages

of my new year book of 2020.


salmon roses and books 2

I think of the pages filling with new projects, new adventures,

and fresh ideas as I look ahead

with a new perspective.


with much gratitude.

Evening view 2020

I am so grateful for all the good things that occurred in 2019.

While reflecting on what has transpired in my life,

I think about setting new personal goals.


evening view2

A new goal maybe in one word, ‘intentional.’

My word of the year.

Intention; intentional!

I want to live more intentionally.

I want to be intentional in all my efforts.

I want to intentionally get more exercise.

Do things on purpose, being deliberate.

I want to intentionally become a better me.

I intentionally want to enjoy life!

evening view3


I love to really look at things in a different way;

from a whole new point of view.

I want to be intentional in all of my creations.

Maybe that is why I love the rustic and refound.


Ruby Mountains 2020


I don’t know why I do this other than loving the challenge,

and feeling that inner excitement when I’ve discovered a new combination

or creation – I guess you could say it’s what makes me tick.

Yes, I want to live less out of habit and more out of intent.

I want to turn my cant’s into cans and my dreams into plans.

Think intentional about what inspires me and fuels me.

“The new year stands before me like a chapter in a book waiting to be written.”

What will you see this year with a new set of eyes and a whole new point of view?

What is your word of the year?

Thank you for visiting my blog.




‘All things are working (all things are working for my good)
‘Cause He’s intentional (He’s intentional)
Hey and He’s never failing (never failing)
All things are working for my good (all things are working for my good)
He’s intentional (He’s intentional)
Never failing (never failing)’   Lyrics ~Travis Greene